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Book Dedications 2010

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Library Student Workers
Thomas Roy Blacklock 
    Cogwheels of the Mind:  the Story of Venn Diagrams     
     by A. W. F. Edwards 

Adrienne Dawn Dawson 
     Annual Review of Microbiology v. 63    
     edited by Susan Gottesman and Caroline S. Harwood

Trey Rafael Calvin Eerebout 
   Imagining Spain:  Historical Myth and National Identity     
     by Henry Kamen

Brittany Michelle Ewer 
    Death of a Generation:  How the Assassinations of Diem and JFK Prolonged the Vietnam War    
     by Howard Jones

Holly Ann Hargrove 
     The Annotated Alice:  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass     
     by Lewis Carroll

Amy Hicks 
     Portrait of a Killer:  Jack the Ripper – Case Closed     
     by Patricia Cornwell

Mary Cecelia Hoy 
    Macbeth:  New Critical Essays     
     edited by Nick Moschovakis

Adam Iddings 
    Thinking of Others:  On the Talent for Metaphor     
     by Ted Cohen

Catherine Poston Piazza 
    Contemporary American Judaism:  Transformation and Renewal    
     by Dana Evan Kaplan

Brittney Nicole Reynolds 
     Women Writing Africa, the Northern Region     
     edited by Fatima Sadiqi, Amira Nowaira, Azza El Kholy, and Moha Ennaji

Sheila Denise Rupert 
    Annual Review of Physiology v. 72    
     edited by David Julius and David E. Clapham

Crystal Diann Smith 
    The McDonaldization of Society     
     by George Ritzer

Terricka Shawnelle Thomas
    Words Upon the Word:  an Ethnography of Evangelical Group Bible Study    
     by James S. Bielo

Cassie Wood
     Women of Conscience:  Social Reform in Danville, Illinois, 1890-1930    
     by Janet Duitsman Cornelius

Ken Jih-Hwa Yang 
    James Rosenquist:  Pop Art, Politics, and History in the 1960s      
     by Michael Lobel

Grace Ann Pearce Yokem 
     Ecology of a Cracker Childhood    
     by Janisse Ray 


Kelly Rappé in Honor of her Grandparents, Wilburma Rappé and Charles Rappé 
     Lost Worlds:  Adventures in the Tropical Rainforest 
     by Bruce M. Beehler



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