Olin C. Bailey Library

Ecology & Evolution


Encyclopedia of Ecology & Environmental Management          R 363.7003 En19c

Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics                  R 570.3 L638d2

Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory                    R 573.2 En19d2

Encyclopedia of Evolution                                                     R 573.203 M636e

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ecology                                     R 574.503 C748a



BIOSIS  (1992-1999)


BIOSIS, or Biological Abstracts, is a database composed of abstracts and citations from over 6,000 life sciences research journals worldwide. There is no full text available, so be sure to check our Journals List to see which journals we have.  BIOSIS is a CD-ROM, and can only be used in the library.

  • Use AND, OR, NEAR to separate your concepts.
  • Use the index as a FIRST step to searching.
  • Use concept codes and biosystematic codes.
  • Combine searches by number or just typing AND to connect a previous search to your current search.  Use truncation (*).
  • Search example:  Find research on the effects of calcium on osteoporosis in mice.  Search 1:  calcium  Search 2:  and (mouse or mice or mus)  Search 3  and osteoporo*


BIOSIS Previews  (2000-present)

BIOSIS Previews is the online version of BIOSIS containing citations to current research. 

  • Use the “General Search” option.
  • Take advantage of searching different fields.
  • Use the “Search History” button to combine searches.    
  • Use truncation (*).
  • Limit searching by language, document type, literature type or Taxa Notes.
  • Search example:  (Pagets OR Paget's) AND (cell* AND tumor*)


General Science   (1984-present)

General Science is a good place to start looking for articles.  This database contains a mixture of popular and scholarly sources.  A portion of this database is full text.  Searching hints:

  • Select “General Science Full Text.”
  • If the “All - Smart Search” doesn’t work, try “Keyword” search instead.
  • For more relevant articles, try limiting your search to “Feature” under the Document Type menu.
  • Use “*” on the end of your term for variant endings, and “?” for variant spellings.


JSTOR (1867-2001)

A full-text, social sciences database that covers complete runs of scholarly periodicals, excluding the most recent 3-5 years. 

  • Narrow your search to “Ecology & Evolutionary Biology” or other relevant journals.
  • Use AND, OR, and ~ for proximity searching.  Ex.:  “chicken egg”~10 finds the word chicken within 10 words of the word egg.
  • Use “*" on the end of your word for variant endings.
  • You may have to set preferences to print.  We recommend using the  “JSTOR Economy Print” option.


MEDLINE  (1965-present)

The National Library of Medicine produces this database, covering all fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and the preclinical sciences. Contains citations and abstracts from over 3,500 biomedical journals published internationally. There is no full text available, so check our Journals List to see if we carry the journal.

  • Use the subject instead of keyword to narrow your search.  Use the index button to look up words or names: 
  • The library symbol will indicate if we own the journal: 
  • Use the Previous Searches link under the Searching tab to combine searches.
  • Use “*” on the end of your term for variant endings.



For a complete list of which journals Bailey Library has, check out our Journals List.  If we don’t have the journal you need, check UCA’s catalog.  If they don’t have it, order your article on interlibrary loan!