Olin C. Bailey Library

Environmental Biology


Environment and the Law                                                R 344.73046 P278e

Atlas of United States Environmental Issues                      R 363.7 M381a

Encyclop. of Ecology & Environmental Management           R 363.7003 En19c

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science                             R 363.703 Dn19a

Recycling Sourcebook                                                     R 363.7282 R245c

Environmental Disasters                                                  R 363.732 D294e

An Atlas of Global Change                                                R 550 G51a

Corporate Environmental Policies                                      R 658.408 G76c

Online Catalog (http://baileylib.hendrix.edu)recycle

  • Keyword:  most flexible, most results
  • Subject:  more restrictive, categories, works like an index, idea farm.
  • Title:  more restrictive, have precise titles, works like an index. 
  • Modify/Limit:  limit by language or location.  Ex.:  media center

Use the phrase “environmental aspects” when searching in the Keyword category.


General Science

General Science is a good place to start looking for articles.  This database contains a mixture of popular and scholarly sources.  A portion of this database is full text.  Searching hints:

  • Select “Readers’ Guide Full Text.”
  • If the “All - Smart Search” doesn’t work, try “Keyword” search instead.
  • For more relevant articles, try limiting your search to “Feature” under the Document Type menu.
  • Use “*” on the end of your term for variant endings, and “?” for variant spellings.


Academic Search Premier    

Academic Search Premier provides citations and a lot of full text to articles (both popular and scholarly) in periodicals and newspapers.  Some hints:

  • Use the “Advanced Search” tab.
  • Use AND to separate concepts.
  • Use “?” for word endings, and “*” for word variants.
  • Limit by date and/or full text (if you’re in a hurry!).


LexisNexis Academic

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe is a full text information service, and is the best place to look for articles from major newspapers such as the New York Times,  Washington Post, and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  Hints:

  • Select the Guided News Search tab.
  • Select a news category and a news search.  Ex.:  General News; Major Newspapers
  • Use w/n, w/s, and w/p, where n = a number, p=paragraph, and s=sentence.  Ex:  duck w/5 migration; ivory-billed woodpecker w/s Arkansas
  • Use “!” to account for word endings, and “*” to account for word variants.  Ex:  duck w/5 migrat! and Arkansas
  • Limit by date and/or publication title.



For a complete list of which journals Bailey Library has, check out our Journals List.  If we don’t have the journal you need, check UCA’s catalog.  If they don’t have it, order your article on interlibrary loan!