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George F. Sawaya '85
Studying Tropical Diseases:  U.K., Switzerland, France, West Africa

Amy E. Raymond '86
Prehistoric Gynocentric Religious Images:  Greece, England, Turkey, Crete

Annette M. Stroud '87 
Study of Islamic Culture:  Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Pakistan, Malaysia

Daniel Harton Spatz '88 
A Documentary Study of Cultural Change:  Zaire, India

Jaleh Mansouri '89 
Archaeological Excavations of Roman Ruins:  England, West Germany, France, Italy

Anna Cheiron Barnes '90 
Strategies for Women's Development:  Kenya, Liberia, Jamaica

Tim McKenna '90 
Environmental Problems and Policies:  New Zealand

Bruce W. Martin '91
Changes in the Society and Landscape of England - From Thomas Hardy to the 20th Century:  Great Britain

Julie Ann Nolte Owen '91 
Religious Phenomena and Marian Pilgrimages:  Yugoslavia, France, Ireland, Egypt

John A. Ball '92 
Socialism with a Human Face:  Political Cultures in Transition:  Tanzania, Czechoslovakia

Dabney D. Hailey '92
Effects of Major Political Shifts on Public Art:  Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia

Wendy R. Anderson '93
Empowering the Female Voice:  Palestine, Russia, China

Gustavo H. Zajac '94
The New Europe Impact on Jewish Communities:  Western Europe, Russia, Israel, Hungary

Sarah E. King '97 
Quilting Around the World:  France, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Karen Steelman '98 
Conservation and Museum Display:  Great Britain, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica

David Doyle '00 
Dance as Therapy:  Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Japan

Kendall Collier '01
The Unlikely Leader:  Leadership Styles of Empowered Women:  Argentina, South Africa, India, Nepal, Vanuatu

David Scott Cunningham '01
The Acadian Legacy:  Exploring the State of Modern Descendants of the Acadians:  Canada, France, St. Dominigue, Martinique, Falkland Islands

Katy Montgomery '01
Spirituality and Sustainability in Ecovillages Around the World:  Australia, India, Italy, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark

Elizabeth Mueller '02
When Development Reaches the Beach:  Sea Turtles and Ecotourism:  Brazil, French Guiana, Galapagos Islands, Seychelles, Greece, Mexico

Sarah Jacobson '04
Heritage Management and the Search for National and Ethnic Identity:  England, Spain, Mexico, Peru, the Ukraine

Tori Sutherland '06
A Study of Women's Health Care in Four Developing Nations:  El Salvador, India, Botswana, Senegal

Sabrinah (Ariane) Christie '07
Female Beauty and Body Alteration:  Jamaica, China, England, Mexico

Trenton (T.C.) Elliott '09
Beliefs and Biomedicine:  Investigating Culture and Health in the Tropics:  Brazil, Vietnam, Tanzania

Benjamin Lownik '09
A Revolutionary Vehicle:  How Bicycles Transform Lives Throughout the World:  Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, China, Hungary

Nathan Thomas '10
Educational Prosperity:  Cultural Education in Four Metropolitan Schools:  India, South Africa, Australia, Finland

Dillon Blankenship '12
A Detour by Way of the Beehive: Traditional Apiculture in a Changing World:  United Kingdom, Tanzania, Egypt, India, Russia 

Laura Podd '12
Extraordinary Bodies: Perceptions of Disability in the Developing World:  Romania, Thailand, El Salvador 

Maia Yang '13
Sharing in their Stories:  Microfinance from the Female Perspective:  Bangladesh, Vietnam, Rwanda, Peru

Alison Harrington '14
Partnering with Fungi to Improve the Human Landscape through Transformative Decomposition: Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Namibia, Ecuador, Costa Rica

McKenna Raney '14
Uncovering Emotional Connections in Human-Equine Partnerships:  Argentina, France, Iceland, Ireland, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Australia

Audrey Morrow '15
Coast-to-Coast in Search of Equity:  Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Guatemala

Jessa Thurman '16
From Extermination to Appreciation:  Ethnoentomology and Connecting to the World through Insects:  Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Peru, United Kingdom  

Allison Monroe '19
Building Agency through Bioliteracy:  Modern Insect Conservation:  Madagascar, South Africa, Costa Rica

Claire Fleming '20
Enhanced Livelihood:  Seeking Intentional Workplace Practice:  Uganda, Kenya, India, Columbia

Mackenzie Gearin '20
From Persecution to Refuge:  Grassroots Peacebuilding in Displacement:  Columbia, Kenya, Uganda, India, Sri Lanka

Savannah Wiegel '21
Healing Words:  Building Community Health through Narrative Medicine:  Ireland, Switzerland, Japan, Guatemala, Argentina

Ilana Svartz '22
Compulsory Voting and the Culture of Civic Engagement:  Australia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Bolivia

Adaja Cooper '23
Power, Preservation, and Activism in Art:  The United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Senegal

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