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Citing Electronic Resources - MLA Style

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides a comprehensive website which includes examples of how to cite electronic sources with the MLA citation style.  If you have further questions, consult a librarian, or check out the the MLA handbook which is on reserve in the library.

  1. Electronic Databases

    To cite a full-text article you found on one of our electronic databases through the web, such as LexisNexis Academic or Social Sciences Index, follow this guideline:

    Author Last, Author First.  "Title of article."  Publication information for any print
         version of the source.  Title of Database.  Date of online publication (if     
         available).  Name of subscription service.  Name and City of Library (if
         applicable).  Date of Access <URL – main page>.

    Date of access indicates the date you visited the site. This information is important, as online information changes frequently.  Citation elements that cannot be found may be omitted.

    Example of an article retrieved from the Humanities Index:

    Pinsker, Sanford. "Huckleberry Finn and the Problem of Freedom."  Virginia
         Quarterly Review 77 (2001):  642-649.  Humanities Abstracts Full Text
         WilsonWeb.  Bailey Lib., Conway, AR.  9 Dec. 2002

    Example of an article retrieved from LexisNexis Academic:

    Lichtblau, Eric.  "Retracing a Trail:  The Sniper Case."  New York Times.  3 Nov.
         2002, late ed., sec. 1:  33.  LexisNexis Academic.  LexisNexis.  Bailey Lib.,
         Conway, AR.  9 Dec. 2002 <http://www.lexisnexis.com/>.


  2. World Wide Web

    Use the following structure when citing personal web sites:

    Author Last, Author First. Home page. Date of access <URL>.

    Example of a citation for a personal web site:

    Lancashire, Ian. Home page. 1 May 1998 <http://www.chass.

    Use the following structure to cite professional sites:

    Title of Web Site. Date of creation. Name of Institution/Organization Sponsoring
         the Web Site. Date of Access <URL>.

    Example of a citation for a professional web site:

    Romance Languages and Literatures Home Page. 1 Jan. 1997. Dept. of Romance
         Langs. and Lits., U of Chicago. 8 July 1998 <http://humanities.uschicago.edu/



For more examples and advice, see Britt Anne Murphy (x1288) or e-mail her: murphyb@hendrix.edu