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Confucius: Library Resources

Confucius:  Library Resources






The Encyclopedia of Religion                                                 R 200.3 En19e

Historical dictionary of Taoism                                              R 299.51403 P26h

An Ethnohistorical Dictionary of China                                 R 305.800951 OL8e

Concise English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary          R 495.132 C748o2

Cultural Atlas of China                                                          R 951 b628c2

Encyclopedia of China:                                                          R 951.003 P419e
The Essential Reference to China, Its History and Culture



Online Catalog


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ATLA Religion Database

This database from the American Theological Library Association contains a collection of major religion and theology journals representing all major religious faiths, denominations, and language groups.  Some full text is available.

·        Use the “Advanced Search” tab to view search histories.

·        Use AND, OR, and NOT to connect concepts.

·        Use indexes to find the “magic words”:  subject, publications, name as subject and scripture.

·        Use an “*” on the end of your term to pick up variant endings.

·        Use fields!  Ex.:  ti (Muhammad or Mohammed)  


Academic Search Premier (1975 - present) 

Academic Search Premier provides citations and a lot of full text to articles (both popular and scholarly) in periodicals and newspapers.  Some hints:

·        Use the “Advanced Search” tab.

·        Use AND to separate concepts.

·        Use “?” for word endings, and “*” for word variants.

·        Limit by date and/or full text (if you’re in a hurry!).



WorldCat contains records of books from libraries worldwide.  Use WorldCat to locate books on your topic that are at other libraries.  You can then order the books you need on interlibrary loan.

·        Use subject or title if you get too many results with keyword.

·        Notice this button to the right of the search box:    This button will take you to page where you can search many indexes.

·        Limit your search (by type of material, language, audience, etc.) in order to eliminate extraneous items.

·        Use an “*” on the end of your term to pick up variant endings.

·        Use “n” with a number to locate words in a certain proximity to each other.  Ex.:  chicken n3 egg will find chicken within three words of egg.

·        Use quotes to do phrase searching.  Ex.:  “Near East

·        This symbol:       indicates our library has the item.




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