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ABI/INFORM Complete (1971-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Business, management, and trade - scholarly and trade journal articles, dissertations, market reports, industry reports, business cases and global and trade news.

ACS Web Editions
 (1879-present)  Off-Campus Access to Databases

ACS Web Editions provides access to the full text of select journals published by the American Chemical Society. You can either access a specific article if you have the citation, or else you can perform a search in one or more journals. Click on one of the journal titles to begin searching.

Academic Search Complete (1887-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

A multidisciplinary database containing full text articles and abstracts of articles from over 10,000 journals and magazines, about half of which are peer-reviewed. Full text is provided for over 5,000 publications.  

AGRICOLA (1970s-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Contains citations to agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library. Subjects covered include animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, farming, agricultural economics, extension and education, food and human nutrition, and earth and environmental sciences. AGRICOLA contains no full text, so be sure to check our Journals List to see if we have the journal.

America: History and Life (1964-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Contains citations and abstracts to articles, dissertations, and book reviews of American and Canadian history from prehistory to the present. This database contains some links to full text, but if you get just a citation, be sure to check our Journals List to see if we have the journal.

American Periodical Series (1740-1940)  Off-Campus Access to Databases

Online collection of digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals published from colonial days to 1940.

Annual Reviews (1996-present)  Off-Campus Access to Databases

Critical reviews written by the leading scientists in the biomedical, physical, and social sciences which give an annual look at the most significant primary research literature within a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines.

 (1880-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

AnthroSource, developed by the American Anthropological Association (AAA), is a searchable online database of 32 AAA journals, with links to archival content at JSTOR. Except for Anthropology News, AnthroSource indexes current issues for the AAA's most critical peer-reviewed publications.  

Art Full Text (1984-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Art Full Text contains articles, citations, and abstracts from international art periodicals, dissertations, and reproductions of artworks. Fine, decorative, and commercial art, folk art, photography, film, and architecture are all covered.

Article1st (1990-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

A general database that indexes journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture. Includes no full text, but indicates whether or not we have the periodical. A good place to begin research if you have a general, news-related topic.  

ATLA Religion Database (1949-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

The American Theological Library Association produces this database, which is a collection of religion and theology journals selected by some of the foremost religion scholars in the United States. Journals representing all major religious faiths, denominations, and language groups are included. Some full text is available.

BIOSIS (1992-1999)

BIOSIS, or Biological Abstracts, is a database composed of abstracts and citations from over 6,000 life sciences research journals worldwide. This database covers materials from 1992 to the current date, and is considered the most complete research tool in the life sciences. There is no full text available, so be sure to check our   Journals List to see which journals we have. BIOSIS is a CD-ROM, and can only be used in the library. Use BIOSIS Previews (below) to update your searches.  

BIOSIS Previews (2000-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

BIOSIS Previews is the largest collection of biological sciences records in the world. Source publications for BIOSIS Previews include nearly 6,000 titles on vital biological research, medical research findings, and discoveries of new organisms in such traditional areas of biology as botany, zoology, microbiology, biomedical, agriculture, pharmacology, and ecology. There is no full text available, so be sure to check our Journals List to see which journals we have. Use the CD-ROM, BIOSIS (above), to search for materials from 1992-1999.  

Britannica Off-Campus Access to Databases

Online version of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Includes articles, timelines, multimedia, videos, and Internet links. Research tools include

  • Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • World Data Analyst; Compare Countries; World Atlas
  • Notable Quotations
  • Gateway to the Classics
  • Year in Review

Business Full Text
  (1982-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Business Full Text contains citations, abstracts, and full text articles from nearly 1,500 business magazines and scholarly journals.

Education Full Text
 (1983-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Education Full Text contains citations, abstracts, and full text articles from over 1,000 periodicals relating to education. Subjects in this database include all levels of education, continuing education, special education, literacy standards, multicultural education, and teaching methods.

ERIC (1966-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

World’s largest source of published and unpublished education information, supported by the U.S. Department of Education. Contains nearly a million abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice.

Ethnographic Video Online
 (1922-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

A collection of over 1,000 films covering the study of human culture and behavior worldwide. The collection features the work of documentary filmmakers of the 20th century, including interviews, previously unreleased raw footage, field notes, and study guides.  

General Science Full Text
 (1984-present)   Off-Campus Access to Databases

General Science contains citations, abstracts, and full text articles from over 400 science periodicals.  Coverage includes popular science magazines as well as professional journals in all areas of science.  

GPO Access

  GPO Access is a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free electronic access to information products produced by the federal government. Includes such databases as:

  • Budget of the United States (FY1997 - )
  • Congressional Bills (103rd Congress, 1993 - )
  • Congressional Directory (104th Congress, 1995/96 - )
  • Congressional Record (1994 - ) and Index (1983 - )
  • Economic Indicators (1995 - )
  • Economic Report of the President (1995 - )
  • Federal Register (1994 - )
  • History of Bills (1983 - )
  • Public Laws (104th Congress, 1995 - )
  • Senate and House Calendars (104th Congress, 1995 - )
  • Supreme Court Decisions (1937 - 1975)
  • United States Code (1994 - )
  • United States Government Manual (1995/1996 - )

GPO Monthly Catalog (1976-present)

The Monthly Catalog is a publication of the U.S. Government Printing Office. It is the basic index to government documents, and covers all subjects of interest to the U.S. government. 

GreenFILE (1913-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

GreenFILE contains citations, abstracts, and some full text from scholarly journals, general interest titles, government documents, and reports on information that involves the human impact on the environment.  GreenFILE pulls environmental information from disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health, and technology and includes topics such as acid rain, climate issues, and renewable energy.

Historical Abstracts (1955-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Historical Abstracts contains citations and abstracts to articles and books covering world history (excluding the United States and Canada - see  America: History and Life) from 1450 to the present. Key historical journals from virtually every major country are indexed. This database contains some links to full text, but if you get just a citation, be sure to check our Journals List to see if we have the journal.

Historical Newspapers
 (1800s-2000s) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Offers full-text and full-image articles from the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and the Washington Post, dating back to their first issues. The collection includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue, cover to cover, in PDF files.

Historical Statistics of the United States
 (1790-2000) Off-Campus Access to Databases

This resource is the online version of the Millennial Edition of Historical Statistics of the United States and is the single most comprehensive compendium of historical U.S. statistics available. It covers the social, economic, political and geographic data collected by the Census Bureau and other agencies of the United States government. Each chapter provides extensive documentation for the sources of the statistics. Data can downloaded in Excel or CSV. Custom tables can be created which can also be downloaded, printed, or graphed.

Humanities Full Text
 (1984-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

The Humanities database contains abstracts and full text from the most important academic journals in the humanities. This database covers archaeology, classical studies, art, dance, film, gender studies, folklore, history, journalism and communications, linguistics, literary criticism, music and performing arts, philosophy, and religion and theology.

Image Quest
 (current) Off-Campus Access to Databases

More than 2 million images from trustworthy sources that are rights-cleared for non-commercial, educational use.  

 (1784-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Iter includes literature pertaining to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700). Citations for books and journal material (articles from over 1,500 journals) are included, as are citations for dissertation abstracts, and essays in books.   

 JSTOR (not current) Off-Campus Access to Databases

JSTOR contains the full text of scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. JSTOR does not index the most current issues.  You can search the following subject areas: African American studies, African studies, anthropology, archeology, Asian studies, botany & plant sciences, classical studies, ecology & evolutionary biology, economics, education, finance, folklore, geography, history, language & literature, Latin American studies, mathematics, Middle East studies, philosophy, political science, population studies, Slavic studies, sociology, and statistics.  

LexisNexis Academic
 (1970s-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

LexisNexis Academic Universe is a full text information service containing almost one billion documents. This database covers the following areas:

  • News: from newspapers, news wires, & transcripts such as the New York Times, Washington Post, AP, & NPR
  • Business: company news & financial information
  • Legal Research: federal, state, & international legal materials
  • Medical: full text & abstracted medical & health information
  • Reference: state & country profiles, business reference, & biographical information

Literature Resource Center
 (current) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Access biographies, bibliographies, and critical analyses on authors from every age and literary discipline. The Literature Resource Center covers novelists, poets, essayists, journalists, and other writers. Included in this database are the Dictionary of Literary Biography and Contemporary Authors series.

Making of America
 (1800-1899) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Contains imprint monographs published in the 19th century, the majority of which were published between 1850 and 1876. The collection is strong in the areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. You can view faithful replicas of original source materials and perform full text searches over the entire collection as well as within individual texts.

MEDLINE (1946-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

The National Library of Medicine produces this database, which covers all fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences. Contains citations and abstracts from over 5,500 biomedical journals published internationally. There is no full text available, so be sure to check our Journals List to see if we carry the journal.

 (1963-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

The MLA International Bibliography provides citations to scholarly research in over 4,000 journals in the areas of literature, language, linguistics, and folklore. Some full text is available.

Naxos Music Library (current) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Naxos Music Library (NML) is the world´s largest online classical music library. Currently, it offers streaming access to more than 86,190 CDs with more than 1,245,600 tracks, standard and rare repertoire.  Five concurrent users are available with our license. 

Oxford English Dictionary Off-Campus Access to Databases

The Oxford English Dictionary is a historical dictionary of English, tracing the development of English words from the earliest times to the present day. Entries contain detailed etymological analysis, and are illustrated by quotations from a wide range of English language sources from around the world.  

 (1993-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

An index of papers included in every congress, conference, exposition, workshop, symposium and meeting received at The British Library. PapersFirst contains a separate record for each paper listed in a Proceedings database record. No full text is available.

Philosopher's Index
 (1940-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

The Philosopher's Index provides citations and abstracts from books and journals of philosophy and related fields. It covers the areas of ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysic logic as well as material on the philosophy of law, religion, science, history, education, and language.  

(1993-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Citations of every congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received at The British Library. This database has records for the meetings that relate to the papers described in the PapersFirst database. In other words, this database concentrates on the meetings themselves, while PapersFirst has records of the publications that come out of the meetings. No full text is available.

Project Muse
 (1990s-current) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Full text of nearly 200 scholarly journals published by university presses in the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, mathematics, political science, gender studies, and others.

 (1893-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

PROLA is the American Physical Society's Physical Review Online Archive. It is a searchable database containing the full text of Physical Review (1893 and on), Physical Review Letters (1958 and on), and Reviews of Modern Physics (1929 and on). PROLA does not contain the most current four years of material.

ProQuest Central (1971-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Serves as the central resource for researchers at all levels. Covering more than 160 subject areas, ProQuest Central provides a mix of content including scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, books, newspapers, reports and videos.

ProQuest Congressional
(1789-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

ProQuest Congressional is an online legislative and regulatory service and archive that provides access to the following:

  • full text of congressional bills and resolutions (from 1989) as well as reports and documents
  • bibliographic information to congressional hearings
  • biographical and voting information for members of Congress
  • full text of the Federal Register (from 1980)
  • full text of the Congressional Record (from 1985)
  • full text archive of congressional and executive documents from 1789-1969

ProQuest Health & Medical (1969-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Combines clinical research titles with hundreds of additional consumer and health administration titles for in-depth coverage from over 1,500 publications with almost 1,300 available in full text, and of these, over 900 include MEDLINE indexing.  The journals cover all major clinical and healthcare disciplines, including medical sciences, immunology, pharmacy and pharmacology, nursing, physical fitness and hygiene, surgery, and others.

 (1985-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

This American Psychological Association (APA) full text article database contains the full text of articles from APA journals and selected EPF (Educational Publishing Foundation) journals. You can search the full text of the articles or search using PsycINFO fields. This database is NOT the same as PsycINFO - you are only searching approximately 80 journals instead of the 2,500 journals PsycINFO indexes.

 (1800s-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

This database, produced by the American Psychological Association, contains citations and summaries of articles from over 2,500 journals, book chapters, dissertations, technical reports, and book literature in psychology. PsycINFO covers psychological aspects of medicine, psychiatry, nursing, sociology, education, pharmacology, physiology, linguistics, anthropology, business, and law. Some full text is available.    

PubMed (1960s-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

MEDLINE is the largest component of PubMed, the freely accessible online database of biomedical journal citations and abstracts created by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM®). Approximately 5,600 journals published in the United States and more than 80 other countries have been selected and are currently indexed for MEDLINE. 

Readers' Guide Full Text
 (1983-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Readers' Guide indexes and abstracts about 500 of the most popular general-interest periodicals. Full text begins in 1994 for selected titles. Readers' Guide is a good place to start if you have a general, news-related topic.  

 (1907-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

Premier tool for searching patents and chemical literature (over 10,000 journals) in all areas of chemistry.  Included are the reference database CAplus, structure database CAS REGISTRY, reaction database CASREACT, commercial source database CHEMCATS, regulatory database CHEMLIST, and reference database MEDLINE.  Hendrix students and faculty MUST REGISTER to set up access.

Social Sciences Full Text
 (1983-present)  Off-Campus Access to Databases

This database contains citations to articles from English-language periodicals, and full text of selected periodicals beginning in 1995. Coverage includes a wide range of interdisciplinary fields covered in a broad array of social science journals.

SocINDEX with Full Text
 (1895-present) Off-Campus Access to Databases

SocINDEX indexes over 4,500 journals, as well as conference papers, dissertations, book reviews, and sociology books. This database covers sociological topics in fields such as anthropology, economics, education, medicine, community development, philosophy, demography, political science, and social psychology. Some full text is provided.

Springer eBooks
 (2005-2013)   Off-Campus Access to Databases

Search 30,000 eBooks in the areas of behavioral science, biomedical and life science, business and economics, chemistry and materials science, computer science, earth and environmental science, engineering, humanities, social science, law, mathematics and statistics, medicine, physics and astronomy, and professional and applied computing.  View and download the PDFs to your device, print, or email.  Bailey's access includes books published between the years 2005-2013.  

Women and Social Movements in the United States (1600-2000)  Off-Campus Access to Databases

Women and Social Movements in the United States is a resource for students and scholars of U.S. history and U.S. women's history. Organized around the history of women in social movements in the U.S. between 1600 and 2000.

 (most current edition) Off-Campus Access to Databases

 Includes the contents of:

  • Funk & Wagnall's New Encyclopedia
  • The World Almanac and Book of Facts
  • The World Almanac of the USA
  • The World Almanac of US Politics
  • The World Almanac for Kids

To search in an individual Almanac, use the "Limit" menu to select a book.

WorldCat (1200-present)   Off-Campus Access to Databases

Access to the world library. Includes records of any type, but mainly books, from libraries worldwide.

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