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Urbanism in American History

Urbanism in American History:

Library Resources



A wide variety of reference resources are appropriate for this class. Here is just a sampling:

Encyclopedia of American Social History              R 301.0973 En19c

Encyclopedia of Multicultural America                   R 305.8 G131v

American Immigrant Cultures                                  R 305.800973 Am35L

Encyclopedia of the U.S. in the 20th Century        R 973.003 En19k

American Decades                                                    R 973.911 Am35


Online Catalog

Use the subject category to browse these subject headings:

Cities and towns (history, Arkansas, etc.) 9;
City and town life
City Urban
Community development
Sociology, urban

Some tips:

  • Keyword: most flexible, most results. Ex.: urban renewal race
  • Subject: more restrictive, categories, works like an index, idea farm.
  • Title: more restrictive, have precise titles, works like an index.
  • Modify/Limit: limit by language or location. Ex.: media center


Newspapers & Microfilm at Bailey

Arkansas Gazette microfilm: 1828 - October 1991

Arkansas Gazette Index 1819 - 1894, 1957 - 1991

Arkansas Democrat microfilm: 1898 - October 1991

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette microfilm: October 1991 -

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Index 1992 - (monthly)

New York Times microfilm: 1851 - 1905, 1962 -

New York Times Index Sept. 1851 -



American History & LifeContains mainly citations and abstracts to articles, dissertations, and book reviews of American and Canadian history from prehistory to the present.

  • Use the "Advanced Search" feature.
  • Use * on the end of your term for variant endings, and ? to account for variant spellings. Ex.: urban* retrieves urbane, urbanization, etc. wom?n retrieves woman and women
  • Use the browse feature to locate subjects, names, and places.
  • Use the browse feature to limit to a time period.

JSTORA full-text, social sciences database that covers complete runs of scholarly periodicals, excluding the most recent 3-5 years. Secondary source information.

  • Select "History Journals" or other journals that may be relevant (such as sociology).
  • Use the basic search screen for this database.
  • Use AND, OR, and NEAR.
  • Use "+" on the end of your term to account for plurals.
  • You may have to set preferences to print. We recommend using the "JSTOR Economy Print" option.

LexisNexis Academic (1970s - present)

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe is a full text information service, and is the best place to look for articles from major newspapers, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, as well as smaller city papers. Hints:

  • Select the Guided News Search tab.
  • Select a news category and a news search. Ex.: General News; Major Newspapers
  • The news category U.S. News will allow you to search regional newspapers.
  • Use w/n, w/s, and w/p, where n = a number, p=paragraph, and s=sentence. Ex: Mills w/5 highway
  • Limit by date and/or publication title.

Sociological Abstracts

The most complete research tool in sociology, covering material from 1963 to the present. Sociological Abstracts includes abstracts of journal articles from over 1,700 journals, abstracts of conference papers, relevant dissertations, book reviews, and abstracts of sociology books since 1974. No full-text is available.

  • Use search boxes to "and" or "or" your search terms together.
  • Use "*" on the end of your term for variant endings, and "?" for variant spellings.
  • Limit your search by language, publication type, or date.
  • Use the indexes to search for journal titles and authors and the thesaurus to look for subjects.
  • Check our online journals list to see if we carry the journal.


Interlibrary Loan

Remember that you can use interlibrary loan to get books and articles that we and UCA don’t have. Check our catalog and journals list as well as UCA’s catalog, BearCat first. Use our interlibrary loan forms to order your materials.