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Encyclopedia of Italian Renaissance…Art                 R 709.4503 En19t

Dictionary of the Middle Ages                                  R 909.07 D561s

New Century Italian Renaissance Encyclopedia        R 914.5 N42

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance                             R 940.2303 En19g

Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World          R 942.05503 W125h

English Historical Documents                                  R 942 En36d


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These subject headings will bring "sure success" when searched in the keyword or subject heading categories:

art, renaissance                                                        middle ages
architecture, renaissance                                           music – 15th century (etc.)
European literature – renaissance, 1450-1600              renaissance
fifteenth century                                                        renaissance – Italy (or other country…)
humanism                                                                 sixteenth century

Some tips:

  • Keyword: most flexible, most results, use AND to separate concepts Ex.: renaissance and women
  • Subject: more restrictive, categories, works like an index Ex.: renaissance
  • Title: more restrictive, have precise titles, works like an index.

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Library Databases

Historical Abstracts
Contains citations and abstracts to articles and books covering world history (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present.  This database contains some text, but if you retrieve just a citation, be sure to check our journals list to see if we have the journal.

  • Use the advanced search and exclude searching of U.S. and Canadian history.
  • Use * on the end of your term for variant endings, and ? to account for variant spellings.  Ex.:  Christian* retrieves Christianity, Christians, etc.  Rom? retrieves Rome and Roma
  • Use the browse feature to locate subjects, names, and places.
  • Use the browse feature to limit to a time period.

A full-text, social sciences database that covers complete runs of scholarly periodicals, but NOT the most current 2-5 years!

  • Use the “All of these words” box to do most your searching.
  • Select whichever disciplines/journals are relevant to your searching.
  • Use “&” on the end of your term to account for plurals, and “~” to account for variant word endings.
  • Use quotes to search phrases. Ex.:  “Leonardo da Vinci” AND (Florence OR Firenze)
  • Print using the  “JSTOR Economy Print” option.

Social Sciences
Some full-text, covers a wide array of social science periodicals from 1983-present.

  • Select “Social Sciences Full Text” and any other relevant database.
  • If you get unsatisfactory results with the “Smart Search,” try “Keyword” search.
  • Limit your search by article type (feature).
  • Use “*” on the end of your term for variant endings, and “?” for variant spellings.

Web Sites

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