Olin C. Bailey Library

Faculty Readings for Explorations

Crowe, Terrence. We Should Still Value a Traditional Liberal Arts Education.

CollegeView:  Liberal Arts & Sciences Resources.

Wabash College. Center for Inquiry in the Liberal Arts. Defining Liberal Arts Education.

Association of American Colleges and Universities. Speeches and Op-Eds (links).

Phi Beta Kappa Society. A Question of Relevance: The Social Value of the Liberal Arts.

DeGette, Diana. The Value of a Liberal Arts Education. Colorado College Opening Convocation Address, August 31, 1998.

Harris, Robert. VirtualSalt: On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education.

Ditmore, Denise. An Examination Of The Issues Facing Career-Based Curriculum Policies In Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities.

Weaver, Richard L. “Ten Suggestions for Making the Most of a College Education,” Vital Speeches of the Day. Vol. 61, October 15, 1994.  Available on campus via Readers’ Guide FullText.  (Directions: Click on box labeled “Readers’ Guide Full Text.” In the “Search for” box, type the article’s title. Click “start.” When the title appears, click the fulltext icon on the left.)