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Troubleshoot Your Wireless Connection


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If the steps below don't get you connected and you need to Enter a HelpDesk Request (see right), we have a guide for providing the most helpful information to get our support for your request off to a quick start.

Have you looked at our device connection help articles?

For a brief overview of wireless availability and access information.

To find an article for connecting to wifi that is specific to your device, check the Student Wifi FAQ.

You can browse a variety of articles on Wireless at Hendrix.

Have you tried different locations on campus?

If your device works fine in some places and less well or not at all in other places, please click the orange button link to the right to let us know the locations where you experience connection issues and describe the issue.  Include screen shots to help us see what you are experiencing.

If your connection issues are the same in multiple locations around campus, that is an indication that the problem is somewhere between your device and the network, so some of the troubleshooting tips below may help.  

Do you have the correct login information?

The Wi-Fi uses your Hendrix login information. Your username should be the same as your email but without the, and your password is the same. Be sure you have accepted Trust certificates.

If you are having difficulty remembering your password, please Enter a HelpDesk Request, using the orange button to the right.

Have you tried "forgetting" the Hendrix Wireless Network?

If you're not sure if you accepted the Trust certificate, or if a password or setting might be wrong and is stored in the Wi-Fi profile, it may be preventing you from connecting.  Forgetting the network and re-connecting may help.

Have you tried releasing/renewing your IP address?

In case something is messed up with your IP address (how the network knows where you are), you can release and renew to get a fresh IP address.

Contact the HelpDesk

If the troubleshooting steps here don't get you a strong, reliable connection, please click the orange button link to the right to Enter a HelpDesk Request.  In order to make the most effective technology request, please describe your connection issues in detail, including time references, location information, specific error messages and include screen caps whenever possible.

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