Faculty Handbook 2017-2018

C. Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures

This chapter of the Faculty Handbook contains Faculty personnel policies and procedures.


As stated in Section 16 of the By-Laws, the Faculty consists of the President, Provost or Dean of the College, Vice Presidents, and all officers of instruction above and including the rank of instructor. The professional librarians are considered officers of instruction; thus they are members of the Faculty with voting privileges. Adjunct teaching staff and other professional staff members are invited to take part in Faculty meetings but cannot vote. The Faculty meets upon the call of the President or Provost, makes rules governing its own procedures, and constitutes such committees as may be required.

Adjunct Teaching Staff

The term Adjunct Teaching Staff refers to classroom teachers who do not have rank and thus are not members of the Faculty as previously defined. Adjunct teaching staff are hired on a part-time basis to teach individual courses for a semester of an academic year. Adjunct teaching staff positions do not include additional non-teaching duties such as advising or committee assignments. This term includes the uncommon situation where a staff member has the teaching of a small number of courses included as part of the staff members appointment. Adjunct Teaching Staff are appointed by the Provost and are supervised and evaluated by the appropriate department chair on a semester basis. The maximum number of courses over an academic year is 3. Other campus work assignments may result in a lower maximum course load in consideration of federal labor guidelines. Adjunct teaching staff appointments terminate annually without further notice at the end of the academic year. There is no limit to the number of semesters a person can be hired as adjunct teaching staff.

Classroom Teacher

The term Classroom Teacher describes the instructor of record for a course. Classroom Teachers may be Faculty, Adjunct Teaching Staff, or other staff members responsible for a course, including laboratory and activity courses.