Faculty Handbook 2017-2018

F.3.c. Off-Campus Courses and Programs

Hendrix has no regularly scheduled courses or academic programs on campus during the winter or summer breaks. Faculty wishing to propose off-campus credit-bearing courses or programs may do so subject to the following guidelines:

  • The students pay for room, board, travel, incidental expenses, and Hendrix tuition on a per course basis;
  • The total costs of the course or program must be covered by the revenues;
  • A detailed budget must be prepared and submitted to the Business Office for approval. 
  • Salaries and other expenses to be paid to the instructors are subject to the approval of the Committee on Faculty;
  • Purchasing aspects of any new approved course should be managed by the Office of Academic Affairs (for domestic offerings) or the Office of International Programs (for international offerings);
  • Any new courses must be proposed and approved by the Faculty using the normal curriculum approval process, and existing courses being taught in a different format (i.e., over a shorter period than the normal semester) requires approval by the Committee on Curriculum;
  • Course offerings should conform to the Summer calendar or the proposals should contain a justification for any deviation;
  • Faculty assigned to teach these courses, whether Hendrix Faculty or others, must be approved by the Committee on Faculty;
  • Proposals must be submitted in time to be approved at least one semester in advance of the proposed offering of the course (i.e., by the end of the previous Fall Semester for a summer course).
  • Students enrolling in these courses must be approved by the Dean of Students (for domestic offerings) and, for international offerings, by the Committee on International/Intercultural Studies and the Director of International Programs. Approved students must register for the class through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Individual Faculty wishing to offer a single course off-campus during the winter or summer breaks may propose them at any time, but students may not be recruited until the course and Faculty have been approved.
  • Faculty wishing to propose programs (i.e., two or more courses) or to continue existing programs solicit Faculty interest through announcements, etc., at least one year in advance of the proposed offering (i.e., in the Spring Semester of 2008 for the Summer of 2009) and distribute applications to those expressing interest in teaching in the program. Working in concert with the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (for domestic programs) or the Director of International Programs (for programs outside the U.S.), the initiating Faculty member reviews Faculty applications and then prepare a list of proposed faculty and proposed courses. The proposal is then forwarded to the Committee on Faculty for its approval.