Faculty Handbook 2017-2018

Administrative Managers' Group

The Administrative Managers' Group (AMG) is a group of managers who either report directly to an individual member of the SLT or direct critical planning areas reporting to another AMG member. AMG coordinates implementation of programs that cross different administrative areas. The current membership is listed below.

  • Brenda Adams (Registrar)
  • Fred Baker (Admissions)
  • Kesha Baoua (Student Affairs)
  • Kris Burford, co-chair (Financial Aid)
  • Wayne Clark (Advancement)
  • Peg Falls-Corbitt (Engaged Learning)
  • Mike Flory (Dining Services)
  • Pete Gess (Odyssey)
  • Shawn Goicoechea (H.R.)
  • Liz Gron (Advising)
  • Shawn Mathis (Finance)
  • Thad McCracken (Athletics)
  • Britt Murphy (Library)
  • Rob O’Connor (Communications)
  • Pamela Owen (Alumni Affairs)
  • Lei Pinter (I.T.)
  • Rick Sublett (Public Safety)
  • David Sutherland, co-chair (Academic Affairs)
  • J. J. Whitney (Chaplain)
  • Nate Cowden (Interim, Physical Plant)
  • tba (Institutional Research)