Religious Studies

Teaching Faculty

Professors Harris, McDaniel, and Sanders 
Associate Professors Gorvine (chair) and Williamson


Major in Religious Studies

10 courses distributed as follows:

  • RELI 110 The World's Religions: An Introduction
  • A concentration of three courses, selected in consultation with the student's departmental advisor, that achieves a deep coverage of a particular religious tradition or set of related issues in the study of religion.  The concentration should cohere in such a way as to define and inform the student's particular interest in a tradition, a topic or a method of studying religion.  The concentration must include at least two courses in Religious Studies (one of which must be at the 300 level or above) and may include one course in other related disciplines or interdisciplinary programs (e.g., anthropology, art history, classics, English, gender studies, history, philosophy, politics, sociology).  The concentration must be finalized in writing by the end of the year prior to graduation and must be approved at that time by both the student's departmental advisor and the chair of the department.  Once the requirements for the concentration have been agreed upon in this manner, no changes may be made to the concentration unless, in extraordinary circumstances, such changes are approved by both the student's advisor and the department chair, in consultation with the department as a whole. 
  • Four elective courses in Religious Studies demonstrating learning beyond the area of concentration.  
  • RELI 395 Approaching the Study of Religion 
  • RELI 497 Senior Colloquium
  • 5 of the above courses must be 300-level or above


In addition to the courses, an Odyssey project in any category demonstrating engaged learning applicable to the student's concentration in the field of religion, selected in consultation with the student's departmental advisor.


Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience for the religious studies major centers upon the successful completion of RELI 497 Senior Colloquium.

Major in Philosophy and Religious Studies

Minor in Religious Studies

6 religious studies courses, including 2 at the 300-400-level.

Program Course Listings

The courses for this program are organized into the following categories:

Religious Studies Courses

RELI 109

RELI 110

RELI 111

RELI 112

RELI 121

RELI 122

RELI 123

RELI 124

RELI 210

RELI 211

RELI 213

RELI 216

RELI 218

RELI 222

RELI 223

RELI 225

RELI 227

RELI 228

RELI 230

RELI 231

RELI 233

RELI 235

RELI 238

RELI 243

RELI 245

RELI 270

RELI 280

RELI 314

RELI 317

RELI 327

RELI 328

RELI 330

RELI 331

RELI 332

RELI 334

RELI 335

RELI 336

RELI 337

RELI 339

RELI 346

RELI 358

RELI 370

RELI 392

RELI 393

RELI 394

RELI 395

RELI 410

RELI 440

RELI 450

RELI 460

RELI 497

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