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New Resource Library Titles

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Some of our latest additions to the Career Resource library in Buhler.  Drop in sometime for a quick read!
Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand, The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search:The Proven Program Used by the Worlds Leading Career Services Company, How to Say It: Job Interviews, The Intern Files: How to Get, Keep, and Make the Most of Your InternshipNo More Ramen: The 20-Something's Real World Survival Guide: Straight Talk on Jobs, Money, Balance, Life, and More Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads

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Majors' Fair Re-cap

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Our 2007 Majors' Fair, co-hosted with Academic Support Services, was a huge success. Over 250 students dropped in and checked out the interactive and informative departmental displays and information tables.   Looking to find out what career options are available for a particular major?  Check out our "What Can you Do with a Major in...?" page here. Also, visit with Academic Support Services if you need assistance declaring or changing your major.

   Majors Fair Physics Psychology Theatre 

Science Education and Job Prospects: What are the Facts?

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A very interesting article by Vivek Wadhwa posted recently on  The article examines popular political and public perceptions that the US is falling behind in educating and employing scientists.  Wadhwa insists that the opposite is actually the case and provides a recent case study in the subject for proof. He cites sustained improvement in science education in terms of both quality and numbers.  He also notes that the available jobs for recent graduates in science fields are actually fewer than those seeking positions.  He points out that heeding calls for increases in numbers graduating with science or engineering backgrounds could result in many of those graduates taking positions in non-science related fields due to a shortage of jobs for them.  His arguments make the case for improved science education initiatives that are also accompanied by job creation in these fields.   Wadhwa’s closing arguments are supportive of a strong liberal arts background and continued investment into businesses which promote sustainability and provide innovative technical opportunities for college grads.

We need our children to receive a balanced and broad education. Perhaps we should focus on creating demand for the many scientists and engineers we graduate. There are many problems, from global warming to the development of alternative fuels to cures for infectious diseases that need to be solved.” 

 Click here to read the entire article. It is an interesting take with some definite room for debate on either side. Thoughts or opinions?

Job Satisfaction and Career Planning

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The Labor Day weekend is always a prime time for career and employment news items.  Particularly interesting are reports regarding the University of Chicago’s most recent studies related to job satisfaction.  Here are a few highlights and career services observations:

  1.   Workers in South Central states (including Arkansas) were most satisfied with their jobs.  (Factor geography into your career planning)
  2. People working in helping or creative professions expressed high job satisfaction ratings.  (Consider working with a non-profit or pursuing your artistic ambitions)
  3. Job satisfaction increases with age.
     (Your first job may not be perfect, that’s ok, your career path is a progressive journey)
  4. Job satisfaction increases with education-those with graduate degrees reported the highest ratings.  (Strongly consider graduate school-the rewards go beyond earnings potential)