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What Do You Need to Decide on a Career?

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When it comes to deciding your life's work, chances are, you're not just going to want to get a ''job.'' Certainly, jobs can take care of monetary needs, and getting a job just for the financial security is certainly something that you will probably want to do at least at certain times of your life. For example, you may work a variety of jobs while you're in school both to pay for school and to get job experience for later on in your career. 

When it comes to actually deciding on your career itself, though, you're going to want to choose something that you're both talented at and love to do. So, for example, if you love to work with numbers, and if you like helping people figure out what to do with their money, how to invest it, and so on, you may want to embark on a career as a financial advisor. Or, for example, you may want to become a certified public accountant.

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