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What Do You Need to Decide on a Career?

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When it comes to deciding your life's work, chances are, you're not just going to want to get a ''job.'' Certainly, jobs can take care of monetary needs, and getting a job just for the financial security is certainly something that you will probably want to do at least at certain times of your life. For example, you may work a variety of jobs while you're in school both to pay for school and to get job experience for later on in your career. 

When it comes to actually deciding on your career itself, though, you're going to want to choose something that you're both talented at and love to do. So, for example, if you love to work with numbers, and if you like helping people figure out what to do with their money, how to invest it, and so on, you may want to embark on a career as a financial advisor. Or, for example, you may want to become a certified public accountant.

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Unpaid Internships Can Cost - or Pay Off for - College Students

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Pennsylvania State University sophomore Elysia Mann, 18, is spending her summer in New York City working at two fashion internships — both unpaid.
If her parents weren't covering the nearly $3,000 in housing and food expenses for staying in New York University's dorms for the summer, Mann probably would be back home in Philadelphia.

Although she's working 48 hours each week for no compensation, Mann says this is something she "has to do" if she wants to go into the fashion industry.

"It's frustrating," she says. "I know they're not going to pay me because I know there's always somebody who would take this instead of me."

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Using Social Media in Your Job Search

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Fortunately, my previous job allowed me to experiment and learn the many ways in which a number of social mediums are used for personal, professional and business purposes. So, I decided to put these tools to the test.

My first step was to update my resume and my personal web site. These would serve as the foundation for all information about me. But, much more essential to networking, I needed to update my LinkedIn profile with relevant information and recommendations from former colleagues, and join the Sodexo Careers – Past, Present & Future networking group. Having done some quick searches, I found that key Sodexo people had profiles on LinkedIn – and I wanted them to be able to find my profile, too.

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The League of American Orchestras: Free Career Guidance

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For students of the arts, business, nonprofit and arts administration, and anyone interested in working for an orchestra:

The League of American Orchestras is pleased to offer free career guidance and job finding tools to individuals interested in working for an orchestra. To arrange a one on one phone consultation, please complete a brief online questionnaire available on the League website or by clicking here.  

SymphonyOnline March/April 2010
The new issue of Symphony is now available online at…pass it on to anyone you know who loves orchestras. The online magazine contains all the same great content, plus enhanced features such as audio, video, and commenting ability.

Read, see, and hear Symphony wherever you are – at work, home, or on your iPhone- and join in the discussion with other people around the world that care about orchestras as much as you do.

Enjoy SymphonyOnline…and don’t forget to pass it on! 

How Much Do Grades Matter?

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There are two very difficult classes that I am considering for next semester.  They are both in my major but are typically reserved for seniors.  I am only a sophomore, but my Professor has given me permission to take them.  A senior in my fraternity, whom I really respect and think is super smart, took one of the classes as a junior and he got a C!  He loved the course and highly recommends it. But if he got a C, that means that I could get a C or worse!

Right now I have a 3.7 GPA.  I want to apply for a very competitive internship at either a consulting firm or an investment banking firm next year.  I'm afraid that if I do poorly in these classes, it will effect my GPA and ruin my chances of getting an internship.

Do you recommend that I take these difficult classes?  How much do my grades matter when applying for internships and full-time jobs? 

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