Wellness and Athletic Center

Membership Information

  • The WAC is available to all Hendrix students, faculty and staff and their dependent children (defined as children that are 26 years of age and under and are living under their parent's roof) at a complimentary (no charge) basis.
  • Community memberships for Hendrix alumni, retirees and the general public are available. Monthly fees for community members are listed on the membership application form.
  • All members and guests may use the WAC during all posted hours of operation. Due to safety and liability concerns, no individuals will be allowed to utilize any portion of the WAC during non-scheduled hours unless permission has been obtained from the Director of the WAC.
  • There is no joining fee to become a member of the WAC. 
  • Community membership fees will be paid on a month-to-month basis. Membership fees will be paid through a monthly autodraft from the member’s checking or savings account, through a credit card transaction, or individuals may write a check if they prepay for at least a 6 month membership. Please inform the front desk if you would like to pay with credit card upon turning in your membership information. 
  • An additional fee of $10 per/person/per month will be assessed to a family that has more than 6 individuals living under the same roof.