Wellness and Athletic Center


Access to the WAC:

  • Current Hendrix students, faculty and staff will gain access to the WAC by presenting their “One Card” at the Control Desk.
  • Community members will be issued a similar ID card that must be presented at the Control Desk.
  • Access to the WAC will be denied if a member does not have his/her ID card when checking in.
  • I.D. cards may not be shared. Anyone found using someone else’s card will be asked to leave the facility. This rule violation may result in a  membership termination or long-term membership  suspension.
  • All guests and visitors must check in at the Control Desk and pay a $5.00 (WAC) or $10.00 (pool) daily guest fee and also complete a Guest Waiver/Liability Form.

Age Policy:

  • Children ages 14 and 15 may use the cardio/weight room if they are supervised by their parent(s).
  • All children under the age of 16 may (with parental supervision) utilize the gym courts, tennis courts, pool, soccer field, outdoor track, indoor track, lacrosse/field hockey fields during times when these facilities are not being utilized by Hendrix academics, athletics, intramurals, outdoor recreation or Hendrix-affiliated sports clubs and community groups that may have reserved the area. Please contact the Control Desk at 501-505-2966 for scheduling information.
  • Children 16 and over may use the WAC without direct parental/guardian supervision. This means they can access the pool, cardio/strength room, indoor track, Movement Studio and gymnasium without a parent or guardian nearby.

General Guidelines:

  • Individuals are responsible for their belongings. The WAC is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.
  • All members and guests must shower prior to entering the pool. Perspiration, suntan oil and lotion will negatively impact the cleanliness and chemical balances of the pool.
  • Members and guests must comply with all rules and regulations as posted on this website and/or on signage throughout the WAC. Failure to comply with WAC policies and guidelines may result in the termination or suspension of WAC membership.
  • No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, baby strollers or pets allowed in the WAC.
  • Please wipe down the equipment in the cardio and strength areas after you are finished with the machine.
  • Strength Room: members must re-rack their weights after they are finished with their sets.
  • Locker rooms are available to all WAC members and guests. Please bring your own lock and use it to secure your valuables.
  • Lockers are for day use only. Please remove your possessions from your locker after every workout. Any lock left on overnight will be removed by WAC staff.
  • The WAC cannot guarantee the security of valuables, books, IPods, bags or other personal articles.

Dress Code:

  • Appropriate athletic attire required. No street shoes, jeans, cargo pants, sandals, flip flops or bare feet permitted.
  • Only closed toe athletic shoes allowed.
  • Workout gear should be comfortable, yet moderate in taste.
  • T-shirts or tank tops must be worn at all times (except in the pool).

Food, Beverage and Tobacco Policy:

In order to maintain the cleanliness of the facility, the following policies will be enforced:

  • No tobacco usage allowed on WAC property. This applies to smoking, dipping and chewing of tobacco products.
  • Consumption of illegal drugs and alcohol on WAC property will result in termination of WAC membership in addition to a receiving a visit from a Public Safety Officer.
  • No food or gum allowed in the gymnasiums, strength and cardio room, Movement Room and Indoor Track. Exceptions will be made in the gym areas for concession sales during athletic contests such as basketball and volleyball.
  • Water must be contained in a sports bottle with a resealable lid.