Wellness and Athletic Center

Membership Rates

Membership Fee structure effective July 2020.

All community members must swipe in by 3pm during regular hours.

Membership FeeMembership Fee
Alumni Ind$39.00 Alumni Ind$35.00
Alumni Ind+1$69.00 Alumni Ind+1$65.00
Alumni Family$89.00 Alumni Family$85.00
Corp Ind$39.00 Corp Ind$35.00
Corp Ind+1$69.00 Corp Ind+1$65.00
Corp Family$89.00 Corp Family$85.00
Individual$55.00 Warrior Ind$45.00 
Ind +1$95.00 Warrior Ind+1$85.00 
Family$120.00 Warrior Family$110.00 
Pool$45.00 Pool$40.00 
Pool Ind+1$85.00 Pool Ind+1$80.00 
Pool Family$110.00 Pool Family$105.00 
Sunrise Ind$45.00 Warrior Ind$45.00 
Sunrise Ind+1$85.00 Warrior Ind+1$85.00 
Sunrise Family$110.00 Warrior Family$110.00 
Village Ind$27.50 Village Ind$25.00 
Village Ind+1$47.50 Village Ind+1$45.00 
Village Family$60.00 Village Family$55.00 

 Must have 3 or more members from the same company or business to receive corporate rates. To find out if you qualify please contact Jenn McCracken at mccrackenj@hendrix.edu

*Individual +1 memberships and Family memberships are available for members of the same family living under the same roof.  Family memberships can include up to 4 children ages 26 years and under who are living under the same roof as parents. Exceptions can be made for medical reasons after approval from the Director of Wellness Programs.