Wellness and Athletic Center

Membership Rates


WARRIOR: Includes access to the fitness center, pool, indoor track, group exercise classes, recreation gyms, and indoor climbing wall.

Individual: $45
Individual + 1: $85
Family: $110

POOL: Includes access to the pool only. Pool hours differ from WAC hours.

Individual: $40
Individual + 1: $80
Family: $105

ALUMNI: Same accommodations as the Warrior Membership. Must be a graduate of Hendrix College to qualify. Corporate: Same accommodations as the Warrior Membership. Businesses and companies with 3 or more current members qualify for the reduced rate. Also included is military and state/federal employees.

Individual: $35
Individual + 1: $65
Family: $85

VILLAGE: Same accommodations as the Warrior Membership. Must currently reside in The Village at Hendrix College or work in the office building within The Village.

Individual: $25
Individual + 1: $45
Family: $55

FOREVER FIT: Includes access to the Forever Fit class only.

Individual: $30
Individual + 1: $50

* Must have 3 or more members from the same company or business to receive corporate rates. To find out if you qualify please contact Jenn McCracken at mccrackenj@hendrix.edu

*Individual +1 memberships and Family memberships are available for members of the same family living under the same roof.  Family memberships can include up to 4 children ages 26 years and under who are living under the same roof as parents. Exceptions can be made for medical reasons after approval from the Director of Wellness Programs.