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Scholarship Information

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Here are some fast facts about Theatre Arts and Dance Scholarships at Hendrix:

  • Eligibility: All incoming students, regardless of major.
  • Scholarship amount: Up to $1,000 per year, plus a waiver of private lesson fees.
  • How to get one: Meet with and audition for the music faculty on campus between September and mid-March. See below for a list of instruments on which you may audition for a Music Scholarship.

  • Schedule your audition through the Office of Admissions. Live auditions on campus can be scheduled during the following times: Mondays and Fridays between 1:10-2:00.  Please bring to your audition the name of a teacher who is willing to serve as a reference and his or her email address or phone number. The deadline to audition is March 11, 2022.

  • Live auditions are preferred, but recorded auditions are accepted on approval in cases where students live at some distance or are unable to visit campus before March 14, 2021If you are auditioning via a recording, please complete this Applicant Information Form

  • Scholarship renewal: 
  • Other scholarships: Theatre Arts and Dance Scholarships may be awarded in combination with most other Hendrix scholarships.

Consult with your admissions counselor or email one of the Hendrix Theatre Arts and Dance faculty to learn more.

Audition Requirements

2016-17 Scholarship students

2016-17 scholarship students in the Green Room of Cabe Theatre.

2014- 15 Scholarship Students

2014-15 scholarship students in the Green Room of Cabe Theatre.
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