Theatre Arts and Dance Department

Theatre Practicum

Theatre Practicum is an opportunity available to students who seek to create with other students the “delicate illusionary reality that we call the theatre.” With practicum, students gain extensive experience in the production of plays. The department believes that the education of students is enriched by participation in the actual process of creating a performance and by participation in a variety of experiences in that process. The emphasis is on commitment, teamwork, and dedication to the process towards a common goal.

Nuts and Bolts of Practicum:

Students MUST enroll in practicum with Brigitte Rogers or Ann Muse before beginning work

Students entering between 2013 and the end of time (or further notice):

The following are valued at .25 credit each, all four required, 1 course credit total

  • TARA P21 House & Publicity, Assistant Stage-Manager, or Properties

  • TARA P22 Acting, Stage-Manager, Dance Captain, Sound, or Choreography

  • TARA P23 Scenery & Lighting

  • TARA P24 Costume & Make-up

GRADING- Work in the categories above must equal the following:

  • 40+ hours
  • 35-39.5 hours
  • 30-34.5 hours
  • 25-29.5 hours 
  • Less than 25 Hours

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After completion students add Practicum to their schedule as a class. Students seeking Practicum credit should speak with their advisors.