Student Affairs

Transportation Services

Limited Transportation Assistance

SOS & SOAR provide limited transportation for students in regard to legal, medical, or prescription purposes. SOS can assist in connecting students to where they need to go if advanced planning occurs.  For more information, please call 501-450-1330 or email

Local Cab Service

Conway Yellow Cab
(501) 327-1515
Conway Taxi
(501) 730-4110

Hendrix Shuttle Service

Shuttle services are suspended until further notice.  

Transportation Procedures

To become a shuttle (van) driver for a Hendrix College division, office, organization, service, or program, the Hendrix College Driver's Training Form must be completed in entirety, and an appointment with a timeline made, at least a week before the vehicle is needed, with the Public Safety Office to qualify you for this process.  You may connect with Public Safety at 1553 Washington Street or call them at 501-450-7711.

Hendrix College Application for Approved Driver's List

Rental Van from Hendrix College