Student Affairs

Mission Statement

The Department of Student Affairs, in support of the Hendrix College statement of purpose, promotes lifelong learning in a dynamic and supportive campus community.  Applying the highest standards of professionalism, our goal is to encourage engaged citizenship through the facilitation of programs, services, and personal interactions.

Programs and services for students at Hendrix are expressions of the intellectual and cultural thrusts of the College. "Student Life" is seen as an opportunity for enhancing and enriching the educational environment. Certain affirmations, as contained in the Statement of Purpose of the College, are basic to planning and carrying out of student services and programs. Crucial commitments of the College in student life include the intention to cultivate among students:

  • Aesthetic sensibilities and delight in beauty
  • Powers of ethical deliberation and empathy for others
  • Discernment of the social, spiritual, and ecological needs of our time
  • A sense of responsibility for leadership and service in response to those needs
  • Recreational dispositions complementing a full flourishing of the human potential

To achieve these commitments, the Office of Student Affairs provides opportunities which challenge and support students to learn about themselves and others in an educational community while preparing for leadership and service as responsible world citizens.