Sociology/ Anthropology Department

Sociology and Anthropology Learning Goals

  • 1)    Students will develop their “sociological (and anthropological) imagination,” the ability to think creatively and meaningfully link individual experiences to larger social patterns in society.

    2)    Students will acquire general anthropological and sociological literacy, the ability to perceive and systematically analyze social structures, as expressed in a range of settings from small-scale to global interactions. 

    3)    Students will learn about a diverse range of cultural traditions, both domestically and globally.

    4)    Students will engage with a wide variety of classical and contemporary sociological/anthropological theories to interpret social reality.

    5)    Students will learn about anthropological and sociological methods, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, implementing them as appropriate to their research. 

    6)    Students will improve their communication skills through writing and presentations. 

    7)    Students will be able to articulate the ethical implications of their knowledge. 

    8)    Students will cultivate a sensitivity to issues of social stratification and social justice and an active sense of citizenship locally, nationally, and globally.