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Arkansas Sociolology and Anthropology Undergraduate Symposium

Undergrad Symp 2010 Undergrad Symp 2010-2 
Students and professors at the 2010 symposium.

2011 Arkansas Undergraduate Sociology and Anthropology Symposium
(held at Hendrix)

Sarah Spencer, “Body Image, Media, and Attraction: A Gendered Look at the Effects on College Students”

Alison Pope, “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

Sean, Mehl, “Altered Landscapes: Cultural Hegemony and the Domestication of Women”

Ellen Granger, “The Deterritorialization of American Agricultural Communities:  Community building properties of alternative agriculture”

Paige Hopkins, “Socioeconomic Status and Food Accessibility: A Correlation?”

Lizzy Foster, “Afro-Brazilian Culture in Northeast Brazil: A comparative study”

Alice Cawley, “Developing Cultural Identities through Rivers”

Linh Chuong, “Voicing Power: African Women's Struggle to Communicate Resistance in Three African Novels”

Darcy Wilkins, “Dirt and Chaos: Controlling the Other and Establishing Self with Conceptions of Cleanliness”

Bethany Grove, “The American Sex Education Debate and Legitimization of Cultural Norms”

Elizabeth Morgan, “Subtractive Psychiatry: An Examination of the History of Mental Health Care and Recommendations for Reform”

Joseph McCain and Alison Pope, Poster Session: “Preventing Rape, Sexual Assault, and Gender Violence”

2008 Arkansas Undergraduate Sociology and Anthropology Symposium
(held at UALR)


Wendie Choudary. "Social Explorations in a Battered Women's Shelter: A Grounded Theory Perspective."

Krysti Armstrong. "Nature, Identity and Web Self-expression."

Lovemore Gororo. "The Log Cabin Democrat's Presentation of Racial and Ethnic Minorities."

2007 Arkansas Undergraduate Sociology and Anthropology Symposium
(held at Hendrix College)

Elise Stangle. "Bureaucracy and a Feminist Perspective at a Women's Shelter."

Wendie Choudary. "Hendrix College Students' Attitudes Toward Tattoos: Reinforcement of Gender Divisions."

Robin Bischof. "Blushing Encounters: Theory, Fantasy, and Real Women in the Contemporary Mother Romance Novel."

Samantha Henry. "The Rising Sun Meets the West: The Rise of Japanese Nationalism through the Meiji Era."

Shawn Edquist. "Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Sociological Understanding of Women's Stories."

Barry Volgelsang, Eric Schneider, and Becca Mayeaux. "Lake Conway, a Community Drained."

Barry Voldelsang. "Observations on Companion Animal-Human Interaction in Conway."

Lee Ann Grogan. "The Life of an Immigrant and What It Can Mean for Society as a Whole."

Sarah Hughes. "A Look at the Reproduction of Failure in English as a Second Language Programs (ESL) in Public Schools."

Gororo Lovemore Nyasha.  "Hendrix College Students' Attitudes toward Social Welfare."

2001 Arkansas Undergraduate and Anthropology Symposium
(Henderson State)

Heather Curry, "The Anti-Pornography Movement and Social Change."

Katie Falgoust, "How Green are Hendrix Students: The Impact of Political Ideology on Environmental Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behavior."

Allison Shurr, "The Pro-Choice Movement."

Iris Tomlak, "Know Your Role: Life as a Kalapalo Indian."

1998 Symposium

Students and Faculty at the 1998 Symposium