Sociology/ Anthropology Department

Odyssey Program in Chile and Argentina


Students in front of the Palacio La Moneda in Santiago, Chile  


Building on coursework in ANTH/POLI Human Rights and Social Justice in Latin America (Spring 2011), this two-and-a-half week in-country program lead by Dr. Goldberg engaged students in a range of field experiences related to human rights and social justice in both Chile and Argentina. In addition to presentations made by local scholars, social activists, and politicians, students also investigated in an experiential manner memory sites connected to the "dirty wars" of the 1970s and '80s, the ongoing process of "truth reconciliation," local grassroots community organizations, and worker-owned and operated factories with a view to acquiring a deeper analytical understanding of many of the issues

addressed in the course.


  Students and Faculty with two of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

Students and Faculty with two of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo


"It was amazing to bring the material we had read and discussed during the semester to life for the students. There really was no substitute for going to the places where these terrible events took place. Meeting the people who lived through them -- or whose families died because of the repression of military governments -- was intensely emotional and motivational for all of us. I think we were all transformed by the experience."