Sociology/ Anthropology Department

Dr. Stella M. Čapek

 Capek 2011

Elbert L. Fausett Distinguished Professor of Sociology

Office: Mills Center 223
Phone: (501) 450-1308
  • B.A., Boston University
  • M.A., University of Texas at Austin
  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Stella M. Čapek, Professor of Sociology, holds a B.A. from Boston University ('75) and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin ('81; '85). She teaches courses on environmental sociology, social change/social movements, medical sociology, urban/community sociology, images of the city, gender and family in a cross-cultural perspective, sociological theory, food/culture/nature and exploring nature writing. She has also team-taught student-faculty travel seminars in Costa Rica and in the U.S. Southwest.

She is interested in interdisciplinary environmental studies, sustainable community design, social justice issues, and creative writing. She has published articles on environmental justice, tenants` rights and housing issues, urban/community dynamics, grassroots movements, and women's health issues. She has co-authored two books, Community Versus Commodity: Tenants and the American City (1992) and Come Lovely and Soothing Death: The Right To Die Movement in the United States (1999). She also authored a history and social change guide for the Endometriosis Association (Building Partnerships That Work: Grassroots, Science, and Social Change. The Endometriosis Association Story, 2006).

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude, Boston University, 1975.
    Soviet and East European Studies.
  • Master of Arts in Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, 1981
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, 1985.
    Dissertation: “Urban Progressive Movements: The Case of Santa Monica.”
    Comprehensive Examination Subjects: Political Economy and Sociological Theory.

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