• Sociology/Anthropology

    Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty

    Capek, Stella
    Stella M. Capek, 1986- Elbert L. Fausett Distinguished Professor of Sociology B.A., Boston University, 1975
    M.A., University of Texas, 1981
    Ph.D., University of Texas, 1986
    Goldberg, Anne
    Anne J. Goldberg, 2005- Charles Prentiss Hough Odyssey Professor of AnthropologyAssociate Director, Odyssey ProgramUndergraduate Research Coordinator B.A., College of William and Mary, 1991
    M.A., Arizona State University, 1999
    Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2005
    Hill, Brett
    James B. Hill, 2005- Associate Professor of AnthropologyChair, Department of Sociology/Anthropology B.A., University of Colorado, 1984
    M.A., Arizona State University, 1995
    Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2002
    Jackson, Dionne
    Dionne Jackson, 2010- Vice President for Diversity and InclusionChief Diversity OfficerAssociate Professor of Education B.A., Hendrix College, 1996
    M.S.E., University of Central Arkansas, 1999
    Ed.D., Baylor University, 2010
    Miyawaki, Michael
    Michael H. Miyawaki, 2015- Assistant Professor of Sociology B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2003
    M.A., Fordham University, 2008
    Ph.D., Fordham University, 2013
    Schwartzkopf, Stacey
    Stacey A. Schwartzkopf, 2011- Charles S. and Lucile Esmon Shivley Odyssey Associate Professor of AnthropologyChair (spring), Interdisciplinary Minors Program B.A., Arizona State University, 1994
    M.A., Tulane University, 2001
    Ph.D., Tulane University, 2008
  • Staff

    Hartwick, Robin
    Robin Hartwick Social Aciences Area Administrative AssistantAdministrative Assistant for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
    Yeager, Sydney
    Sydney Yeager, 2018- Adjunct Teaching Staff B.S., University of Central Arkansas, 2005
    M.A., Southern Methodist University, 2012
    Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 2014