Student Senate

Minutes 03.06.12



Tuesday, March 5, 2012

6:30 p.m. Campbell Dinning Room

Student Life and Technology Center


I. Call to Order

            - Some Senate members were late, but not to any extreme. If senators miss a large portion of the meeting forarriving late or leaving early, then a note will be made of that.

                    Annie Slattery – Present                                  Neelam Vyas - Present

                    Delaney Roberts – Present                              GrahamSenor – Present

                    Zack Hausle – Present                                     Julia Cook – Present

                    Molly Elders – Present                                    Lauren Wallis- Present

                    Blake Tierney – Present                                 Annie Vogt - Present

                    Clay Christian – Present                                 Anvesh Kompelli - Present

                    Emily Canon - Absent                                     Dylan Ashcraft – Present

                    Will Phillips – Present                                    Kris Nickel - Present

                    Malena Outhay – Present                               Peter Hanneman - Present

                    Courtney Johnson – Present                          Drew Allen – Present

                    Rachel Robbins – Present                              Ethan Hill - Present

                    Anna Roane – Present                                   Sreesh Reddy - Present

                    Lauren Whitmore – Present                           Jeremy Rowe – Present                                                                                


II. Special Business

  • Elections Update – Rachel Robbins
    • Huntington/Clifton --> tie, glitches in system, 16 people voted in whole of race --> Contested --> Re-election
      • Peter Hanneman won
    • Academic Policy Representative --> close race, glitches --> Contested --> Re-election
      • Zack Hausle won
    • Front/Mill --> Suspicions of illegal campaigning --> Contested --> Decided best to disqualify those responsible --> Re-election
      • Jeremy Rowe won
    • President --> Contested --> No re-election
      • Elections commission met for long time on the issues, but finally decided that nothing in presidential election violated the election code
        • Suggests changes be made to Election Code once Elections Commissioner is voted on
      • Annie Slattery stays President
    • Motion to accept all newly elected Senators and Exec members – PASSED – no oppositions or abstentions
  • Appointment of Presidential Assistant and Secretary
    • Annie trusts Molly Elders as Presidential Assistant and Blake Tierney as Secretary
    • Motion to accept appointments – PASSED – no oppositions or abstentions
  • Transition Time
    • Old Senators give advice to new Senators
    • Fill out information sheet and Senate theme sheet
  • (Recess for trays)
  • (Motion to move Media Committee to be the current agenda item – all in favor)
  • Media Committee with Courtney Johnson  
    • Issues with Log Cabin Democrat
      • When decided to do it, then they said file was corrupt. Not going to be a publisher anymore as of April 1
    • Paper printed by Benton Courier
      • Good à Color photographs, no frayed edges, in price range
      • Bad à100 mile roundtrip
    • Hope to finish year with this publisher
      • Two more issues: April and Campus Kitty
      • Could we get money for gas for trip to and from publisher?
        • Shipping an option? – No, it would add too much time to delivery time
        • Mileage at 51 cents, $50 for it
          • Courtney is not so much worried about money but about transportation
  • Parliamentary Procedure – Blake Tierney
    • Passed out sheet summarizing Parliamentary Procedure
    • Major point: Wait for Annie to acknowledge you before you speak
    • Don’t worry about not getting it at first
      • It’s a learning process for everyone
      • But please ask questions so we aren’t getting into bad habits
    • Only Senators and VP can vote
    • Let you know about motion is one to be voted on, announce what you are voting on before the vote occurs
    • Parliamentary procedure is used in business and political meetings to ensure fairness of voice as well as time efficiency
    • Will we have to say it like this every time? – For now, but we are trying to make it as Hendrix as possible. Eventually we will get to a point where what we are doing and how we are saying things will become really natural.
    • Senate is set up such that whenever a proposal or question is put out there, then anyone can bring up a point or ask a question. However, in order to make and go through motions, the process becomes more formalized.
      • If you don’t know what you are voting on or have something more to say or don’t know parliamentary procedure of something, then get the attention of the President. The best way is to go through “Point of Information”, which is on page 3 of the summary.
    • Dialogue on “reconsidering the motion” is wrong. It should be...
      • If there is not a second, then the President states, “If there are no other objections, then we will adjourn by acclamation.”
      • If there is a second, then President states, “We will now move back to the motion ____.”

III. Announcementsand Constituent Concerns

  • Julia Cook
    • Could more than 4 guests allowed at graduation for each senior?
      • Dean has talked about this before – only 4 because only that many can fit at one time so that everyone can have
      • 4 is number to bring to the WAC to be present for graduation, but they have added A LOT of livestreaming
    • Knows so close that this can’t happen this year, but maybe consider a new venue with larger space
      • Keep venue tied to Hendrix – keep hendrixness.
      • Especially considering excited families, first-in-families
      • Having at WAC might be inconsiderate – Up the standards as Hendrix has done in the past
      • Outside? --> Costs $12000 to set up stage outside
    • Table until Dean gets here – PASSED – no objections/abstentions
  • Cara Roadarmel
    • Weather worries
      • Signed up for H-alert, our emergency notification service? If not, then you can register here.  
      • Maybe make basements available or other storm shelter
      • Tornado almost touched down on campus – encouraged to come to Worsham
        • Great place, center of sturdy building
      • Residence Life are trained in emergency situations
      • Should you be in classroom – faculty and staff know procedures
  • Lauren Whitmore
    • Worries about Green Cart Deli at sporting events –-> would that upset funds earned by Hendrix? -
      • Green Cart Deli already comes to baseball games according to baseball player on facebook and according to GCD tweets
      • Anvesh will look into it

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

  • Liaison keeps up rapport with individuals in this department, will contact about issues regarding department and report back the next week.
    • Anvesh Kompelli – WAC
    • Cara Roadarmel – Dining Room
    • Graham Senor – IT
    • Peter Hanneman - Media Center
    • Molly Elders - Physical Plant
    • Lauren Wallis - Residence Life
    • Annie Vogt - Library

V. Committee Reports

  • Campus Kitty with Malena Outhay
    • KHDX concert during Campus Kitty Week
      • Opener = Best Coast
      • Main Act = Ghostland Observatory
  • Social Committee with Will Phillips
    • Paintballin’ ya’ll
      • 87 students not counting SoCo (about 107 total)
      • Nobody got hurt who wasn’t supposed to get hurt
      • Went fabulous
      • Last event: Walk-in Movie, 9:00 pm, Brick Pit, Saturday March 10
        • “Crazy, Stupid, Love”
        • (short break)
        • “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows”
          • In the case of rain, then the event will be in Worsham 
  • Academic Policy with Zack Hausle
    • No report
  • Financial Committee with Clay Christian  
    • Responsibilities: 
      • Decides what student organizations get how much money during Spring Allocations coming up soon
      • Discretionary requests = what student organizations want/need that they did not account for in their preliminary budgets during Spring Allocations
      • We take back leftover money at the end of the year
      • Tone of response emails depends on the discussion.
      • Organizations can always resubmit their requests
    • Discretionary Request: Sociology/Anthropology Club
      • Sociologist Verta Taylor and historian/feminist studies professor Leila Rupp à cutting edge of gay and drag culture (wrote first book)    
        • Will be participating in multiple events, including talk, discussion, and possible class attendance.
        • Will be centered around Miss Hendrix
        • CVs included and the people are credible
      • $1000 - Breaks down cost, multi-organization collaboration and use of funds (Feminist Club and Unity)
      • All in favor, no oppositions, no abstentions
    •  Discretionary Request: MDC
      • $3500 for Black Violin
      • Breakdown of DAO week and remaining funds in account, SBC has 8K in account not doing anything
      • Business Office hasn’t updated funds in account
        • SBC is using funds for multiple events
          • Not as kosher to make this as reason since those events were not in Spring Allocation
      • Limited time to do contracts for Black Violin
      • Give new amount?
        • How much money left in discretionary
          • Technically $32000, but $20000 will be put into Senate for next school year
            • Now $31000 since we just approved the last proposal
      • Black Violin has come before and they will only be doing one event
        • Need newness
          • Big event of DAO Week ßMDC is in need of getting name out there
          • Master calendar booked ß how many other big things can come up in such a short time?
      • SBC had $9000 at start of the year and has $8000 left according to Business Office
      • What falls under MDC: SBC, SLIC, Unity, ACC, International Club, Hillel, Amnesty International chapter
        • Technically these are more independent now
      • SBC events: Cultural excursion, ACT workshop, movie, senior reception
      • Waited for response to call to SBC
        • Ask if they could front $1000 more such that $1400 will be used from SBC account
          • The following business on this agenda item took place after the next discretionary request on the agenda
            • Nobody answered – Anna says it should be fine
      • Motion to amend amount to $2500 – PASSED – 14 in favor, Neelam abstains
      • 13 in favor, 2 oppose (Drew Allen, Neelam Vyas)
    • Discretionary Request: Film Society/Westphalian Society/ Roosevelt Institute
      • $5000 to fly director of “when china met africa” and pay speaking fee
        • No indication of date, little detail of documentary or director, not really an honorarium (nod of respect) but a speaking fee of $3000, exact as possible (not the little squiggle for “approximately”)
          • What about room and food? à who will pay for it?
      • What is Roosevelt Institute: chapter of nationwide organization to get people more politically active
      • Could we drop the amount to fund, since they will be bringing him into classes?
        • Flight and speaking fee are pretty static
      • Do these groups have any money that we know of?
        • $3100 in account for Film Society
          • No plans for this money
        • Track record of clubs in funding events and attracting students to events is not that great
      • Reject proposal and ask them for more information and for them to look into their budgets
        • All in favor = Funding request rejected
  • Committee on Everything Awesome with Tonya Hale
    • No report
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Emily Canon
    • No report
  • Multicultural Development Committee with Anna Roane (interim)
    • No report
  • Communications Committee with Blake Tierney
    • Minutes
      • Policy is to get them in by noon on Saturday, but most notes are old by that time so please get them out prior to that.
        • If not out by noon on Saturday four times, then impeachment will be considered
      • BCC your listserv, CC Blake Tierney
      • Have fun with them, make them personal, if constituents feel offended then please take those parts of the notes out
      • Use the body of the email rather than an attachment
      • Add at the top of each of your notes or somewhere with each set of notes so your constituents can see:
        • Senate website address
        • Your contact info which you are comfortable sharing
        • A note that Senate meetings are OPEN
        • Ways to contact Senators
          • Office hours – COMING SOON
          • Suggestion box
            • Will be out again by the mailboxes soon
          • Senate website suggestion box
          • Talk to or email you
    • Attendance
      • If you have to miss a meeting, then email or text Blake 24 hours before the meeting with the name of your proxy and the reason for missing the meeting
        • Proxy cannot be a Senator or Exec member on Senate and has to be within your constituency
      • Two (2) unexcused absences from Senate meetings or three (3) unexcused absences from committee meetings will result in impeachment being considered
      • Attendance will be added to the top of all the Senate minutes that will be posted on the website
    • Committee
      • The goals of this committee are to increase communication between Senate and all aspects of Hendrix College from the Student Association to the student organizations to the administration. Through the efforts of this committee no senior should graduate from this school and no freshman should enter this campus without knowing what Senate is, what it does, where it meets, that is open and available. I want to increase transparency and openness, as well as efficiency and effectiveness of all communication efforts. 
        • This will entail a social media initiative, working to create and teach better marketing strategies to student organizations, create more of a community space for the Senate office, update and redesign the Senate website, and much more
      • Currently, in the committee document, Communications Committee is only comprised of all the Living Unit Representatives that were around when that document was made, which doesn’t include the 3 apartment senators
        • So, I’m hoping to change the document to allow any Senator to be a part of it. However, I will only be taking a small number of those interested.
          • Send me an email expressing your interest and what you could bring to the committee
          • Send me names of anyone who may be interested in being an at-large member
      • Committees that Senators can be a part of:
        • Student and Academic Concerns, Committee on Committees, Financial Committee, Communications
        • Must be on at least one (1) and no more than two (2)
  • Volunteer Action Committee with Rachel Robbins
    • Service Saturday on March 10th from 1:00-3:30 for the Faulkner County Library Book Sale
    • E-mail Peter at, and meet at the Altus Bell at 1:00 pm on Saturday afternoon to walk to the library as a group.
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with Molly Elders and Zack Hausle
    • No report
  • Committee on Committees with Delaney Roberts
    • Has to appoint to Committee on Committees:
      • Three (3) living-unit/residence senators:
        • Peter Hanneman, Drew Allen, Anvesh Kompelli
          • Peter Hanneman abdicates his position for Dylan Ashcraft
      • Two (2) class senators:
        • Graham Senor, Neelam Vyas
      • One (1) member-at-large:
        • Katie Michaud
          • All in favor, no oppositions/abstentions
            • Voting took place after Executive Committee in order to ensure Dylan was allowed to be a part of the committee
    • Close filing for:
      • Treasurer
      • Social Committee Chair
      • Media Committee Chair
      • Environmental Concerns Committee Chair
      • Student Organizations Media Equipment Manager
      • Multicultural Development Committee Chair


  • Executive Committee with Annie Slattery
    • Shirttails Committee Document
      • Removed areas of the document which did not apply and reworded it to be more specific
        • Hulen and not Worsham
      • Table to next meeting so Dean can talk about it – no oppositions/abstentions
    • Everyone gets a binder and a flashdrive to save their minutes! Yay!  Also includes other documents.


VII. New Business

VIII. Adjournment