Student Senate

Senate Committees

NOTE: Some of the information on this page (exceptions include the Working Group, Committee on Committees, and Communications Committee members and the Finance Committee forms and members) may be  inaccurate as of the 2017-2018 academic year. Please contact your Senator if you have any questions regarding any of the Senate committees.

Working Groups

A Working Group is a small committee created by Senate to help solve various problems on campus. It's usually made up of several senators and a handful of members from the student body at-large.

Current Working Groups/Task Forces

    Committee on Committees

    The Committee on Committees shall be charged with recommending to Senate the appointment and removal of students for student positions as outlined in the Bylaws and as assigned by the Student Senate. The Committee on Committees shall also oversee said positions and committees and shall have the power to request, from time to time, reports of progress from its appointees.


    Position Name
    Chair (non-voting) Aubrey French
    SenatorSomi Matthews
    Senator Rachel McGhee
    Senator Jayson Crumpler
    Senator Ben Cogbill
    Senator Claire Segura
    At-Large MemberClaire Franco
    At-Large MemberMaggie Ryan
    At-Large Member

    Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee of the Senate shall be responsible for ensuring excellent communication between the Senate and all facets of the Hendrix Community, especially the Student Association. The committee’s duties include, but are not limited to, ensuring that Senate Notes are complete and promptly posted, ensuring the Senate website is maintained and updated regularly, providing advertising for all Senate events and Senate position openings, and providing ample opportunities for feedback from constituents. The committee shall undertake other initiatives as it sees fit.

    Communications Committee Document


    Position Name
    Chair (non-voting) Ty Forrest
    Senator Swalat Issa
    Senator Kinsey Bryant
    Senator Natalie Aikman
    At-Large Member

    Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee is a Student Senate Committee whose primary responsibility is to recommend the annual allocation of the Student Activity Fund among eligible student organizations efficiently. A secondary responsibility is to recommend, uphold, and carry out the guidelines and conditions under which the Student Activity Fund is allocated on behalf of the Student Senate.

    Finance Committee Document

    Documents for Student Organizations:

    Step Document Description
    Discretionary Request Events/Projects Discretionary Request Form This form is a simple request form for an event/project that wasn't funded during Spring Allocation.
     Budget QuestionnaireThis form is for Spring Allocation purposes. Please provide a current account statement when submitting this form. 
    Externally-Raised Funds Form This form must be submitted before externally-raised funds are deposited into the organization's account.
    Loan Request Form This is for requesting a loan funded by the Student Activity Account.

    After making/cancelling a purchase

    Review Form An organization making any purchases (whether funding is through the Spring Allocation process or the Discretionary process) made for an event/trip/etc., capital expenditure, or loan must submit this form 2 weeks after the completion of an event, 2 weeks after the arrival of any capital purchases, and 2 weeks after the agreed-upon date of loan repayment.
     Stipend Payments

    Senate Approved Stipends

    These are the recorded stipends of every position payed by the Financial Committee.


    Position Name
    Treasurer      Tristen Starnes
    Bookkeeper      Reilly O'Neill
    Senator      Lauren Allen
    Senator      Mitch Bandy
    Senator      Kennedi Burns
    Senator      Victoria Malak
    Senator     Cassandra McLaughlan 
    Senator      TBD 
    At-Large Member      Summer Fish
    At-Large Member      Raven Johnson
    At-Large Member      Nicholas Saumby
    At-Large Member      Trevion Williams
    At-Large Member      Thomas Wright
     At-Large Member     TBD
     At-Large Member     TBD

    Student Organizations Media Equipment Committee

    The Student Organization Media Equipment Committee, as a standing committee of the Student Association, shall be responsible for organizing and implementing the use of audio and video equipment by Student Organizations. The committee shall also be responsible for maintaining and organizing the audio and video equipment that the committee uses and oversees.


    Position Name
    Co-Chair Chaz Chilez
    Co-Chair Cade Phillips

    Media Committee

    In order to broaden the base of the decision-making process concerning the operation of student publications and to enhance communication between student publications and the Hendrix College Student Senate, the Media Committee was established. The Media Committee monitors the financial activity of each media group, the acquisition, modification, and termination of all staff members and positions in each media group (salaried by Senate or internally), and the monthly progress of each media group. The Hendrix College Student Senate will not attempt to regulate content of publications or broadcasts, but will monitor fulfillment of managerial positions.

    Media Committee Operating Document

    Connect online:


    Organization Position Name
    Media Committee Chair Savanna Bader
    The Profile Editor-in-Chief Monica Martinez
    Managing Editor     
    Associate Editor Hannah Diggs
    The Troubadour Co-Editor-in-Chiefs Verity Miller and Paige Fuhrman
    Associate Editor     
    KHDX Station Manager Charlie Stewart
    Program Director Natalie Aikman
    Concert Director TBD


    Editor-in-Chief Annemarie Bennett

    Associate Editor

    Phillip Powell

    Environmental Concerns Committee

    The purpose and mission of this organization is to respond to environmental concerns voiced by students, to work towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable campus, and to foster environmental awareness in the Hendrix College community. In addition, the organization should oversee and maintain the dish program, work to resolve recycling issues, and develop programs and events that further the expressed goals of ECC.

    To get in touch with ECC, email

    For the Dish Request Form, Leadership and Representatives Roster, event calendar, and descriptions of other ECC activities as well as recent news and achievements please visit

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    Position Name
    Chair Grace Holmquest
    Campus Campaigns Chair / First Vice Chair Daniella Carter
    Second Vice Chair / Programs Illana Svartz

    Multicultural Development Committee

    The Multicultural Development Committee is dedicated to fostering understanding and encouraging tolerance of various cultures’ and people’s points-of-view and ways-of-life via cultural, educational, and social programming. The Committee hopes that through its programming efforts, members of the Hendrix community as well as members of the surrounding communities, will begin to realize and appreciate how each individual, each group, and the community as a whole are all involved in a continuous dynamic interaction that simultaneously accepts each individual’s and each group’s uniqueness but also all people’s common humanity. The Committee is also dedicated to assisting and acting as liaison for other student organizations that fall under the Office of Multicultural and International Student Affairs, as well as assisting any student organization that examines issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and disability, to promote cross-cultural understanding, and campus social cohesion.

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    Position Name
    Chair Kashti Shah
    Vice-Chair Ria Joshi
    Secretary Shaunell Henderson
    Treasurer TBD
    Director of Publicity Ishrar Islam

    Social Committee

    Social Committee Constitution


    Position Name
    Chair Lauren Berry
    Secretary/Treasurer Rye Hazlett/ Chloe Griffith
    Film and Special Events Chair Madison Connaway
    Music and Dance Chair Julia Greer
    Director of Publicity Brandon Pettigrew

    Campus Kitty

    Campus Kitty is Hendrix's own philanthropic committee. We hold fundraising events throughout the year, such as the Martin/VZ Auction and Miss Hendrix, and we distribute the money to local charities.

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    Position Name
    Chair Charity Bratcher
    Vice-Chair Ashton McAnally and Camryn Toland
    Donations and Fundraising Chairs
    Josie Kreuger and Rose Johnson
    Awareness Director Zoe Ryland
    Publicity Director Emma Whitlow and Charlie Stewart
    Treasurer Ashtion Mcanally
    Secretary TBD
    Miss Hendrix Director Maddie Fulmer
    Miss Hendrix Music and Dance Directors TBD

    Volunteer Action Committee

    The Volunteer Action Committee is a student service organization at Hendrix that works to meet unmet needs in the Conway community and beyond through service projects and advocacy events. VAC provides Hendrix students the opportunity to work with local organizations through Service Saturdays (weekly service projects) and other service initiatives such as the Hendrix Buddy Program. VAC also raises awareness of pertinent social issues through the React to Film documentary program, guest speakers, and other events. All are welcome at VAC events; we would love to see you at a Service Saturday! Our office is in the Miller Center in the SLTC.

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    Position Name
    Chair MaryClaire Fox
    Advocacy Chair Sidra Hanson
    Vice Chair Charity Bratcher
    Treasurer Nick Saumby
    Secretary Paige Arthur

    Regan Hatwig

    Lexus Raney

    Brianna Wagner

    Pratheepa Ravikumar

    Megan Hull

    Aisling Gibson

    Ian McVinney

    Justin Murdock

    Brandy Britton

    Isabelle Staines

    Will Gibson

    Committee on Gender and Sexuality

    Position Name
    Chair Weston Northington 
    Vice Chair Emilie Cassar
    Program Director Kyle Rutherford 
    Secretary Katie Pratt

    Emily Pickering

     Publicist  Annie Elliot
     Umbrella Coordinator Julia Greer

    Elections Commission


    Position Name
    Chair Phillip Powell
    Assistant Chair (Junior) TBD
    Assistant Chair (Sophomore) TBD

    Welcome Week Committee


    Position Name
    Chair Charliel Stewart

    Shirttails Serenade Committee

    Shirttails is an event for all new Hendrix students. The purpose of the event is to promote unity, fellowship, and school spirit among new students and current residents of halls. All participants are expected to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct as set forth in the Student Handbook. The Student Senate encourages positive leadership to take place in the residence halls. Senators, Hall Council members, hall residents, and all other students should take the initiative in setting a positive mood for the Event. The focus is for the new students to have fun and build a cohesive Hendrix Community.


    Position Name
    Co-Chair Julia Greer
    Co-Chair Monique Williams

    Senior Committee


    Position Name
    Co-Chair Dominic Smith
    Co-Chair Shelby Morrow