Student Senate

Campus Committees

Academic Advising

Advisory to the faculty. Recommends programs, policies, and procedures relating to organization and development of the academic advising program of the College. Works in appropriate ways with other campus services, offices, and individuals to enhance academic advising for Hendrix students.


  • Maggie Lodge
  • Julia Secor

Academic Assessment

The Committee on Academic Assessment assists with the development, monitoring, and evaluation of annual assessment plans and student learning goals for the College’s academic program including departments, programs, and general education.


  • Anthony Bennett

Academic Integrity

The Committee on Academic Integrity has jurisdiction over all alleged violations of academic standards as described in the College’s Statement of Academic Integrity. The committee follows the procedural guidelines as described in the Statement of Academic Integrity. A minimum of two faculty members and two student members is required to hold a formal hearing. Hearing groups are formed by the chair from the available committee members.

Membership: cannot be disclosed

Athletic Advisory

Advisory to the NCAA representative and to the Hendrix Athletic Director. Reviews policies and makes recommendations to appropriate College officials concerning the Hendrix intercollegiate athletic program.


  • TBD

College Conduct Council

The College Conduct Council has jurisdiction over serious breaches of the College’s standards of student conduct and overall student misconduct which does not fall under the responsibility of the minor disciplinary hearing panel or an administrative hearing body. The Council also serves as the appellate group for decisions made by a minor disciplinary hearing board or an administrative hearing body. A minimum of two faculty members and two student members is required to hold a formal hearing. Hearing groups are formed by the chair from the available committee members.

Membership: cannot be disclosed

Committee on Curriculum

Makes recommendations concerning curriculum to departments, areas, and the faculty. Receives reports and requests from departments and areas concerning revisions in course offerings and requirements for majors and minors; forwards such reports with recommendations to the faculty.


  • Jordan May
  • Adam Williams
  • Ella Thomas
  • Olivia Hardick

Committee on Diversity Concerns

Advises the faculty and administration on issues relating to the promotion of a community that welcomes and supports diversity, including but not limited to racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, and religious diversity.


  • Jasmine Zandi
  • Kirin "Sai" Techawongtham
  • Sara Yousef

Committee on Enrollment and Financial Aid

Recommends to the faculty and interprets policies concerning recruitment, admission/readmission, and retention of students. The committee is advisory to the Office of Admission and to the Office of Financial Aid.


  • Steve Crenshaw
  • Will Stafford
  • Ethny Ashcraft

Committee on Engaged Learning

Advises the Odyssey Director on policies and procedures for the operation of the Odyssey Program, including establishment of criteria for Odyssey credit not connected to regularly taught courses. Reviews and recommends to the Committee on Faculty requests from students and faculty for the funding of proposed Odyssey projects. Assists faculty members in the development of new Odyssey experiences, including new courses for proposal to the Curriculum Committee for Odyssey credit. Assists the Director in coordinating policies and the program’s interactions with related offices. Hears student appeals on Odyssey credit decisions.


  • Lena Pham
  • Olivia Hardick

Committee on International/Intercultural Studies

Advisory to the faculty. Recommends policy and procedures regarding international and intercultural study. Aids in the advising of international students. Advertises and evaluates programs of international or intercultural study. May assist in recommending students for international study.


  • Sara Yousef
  • Hannah Henderson

Committee on Student Life

Advisory to the Office of Student Affairs. Works in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs and the Student Senate in recommending and evaluating the various policies and programs of the College involving student activities, including discipline, orientation of new students, student-faculty relations, recreation, residential living, off-campus housing, student government and organizations, student media, health services, and campus center.


  • Ryan Tumminello
  • Brandon Leding
  • Sara Hoopchuk

Committee on Teacher Education

Designs, reviews, evaluates and recommends to the faculty policies and programs related to the education and certification of students preparing to teach in the elementary and secondary schools.


  • Julia Secor