Student Senate

Frequent Concerns

Below are a few answers to some frequently asked questions.  If you feel that an answer doesn't fully satisfy you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

How do I form a new student organization?

Click here to find out how!

How does my organization request funding for the upcoming school year?

Organizations may submit an annual budget to the Finance Committee for consideration during Spring Allocations. For more information on Spring Allocations, please contact the Senate Treasurer.

How does my organization apply for discretionary funding?

If your organization needs funding beyond what was requested through Spring Allocation, Senate's Finance Committee accepts requests for discretionary funding.  To submit a request, complete the Events/Projects Discretionary Request Form. Finance Committee will make a recommendation, and Senate will approve, deny, or amend the request on the following Tuesday. For more information about FinCom, click here.

How do I report problems with a room's lighting, heating/cooling, plumbing, etc.?

Any on-campus building maintenance issues can be reported to Facilities Services.  To report a maintenance need, you can fill out a Work Order Request Form, email Sherry Cockrell, or call (501) 450-1348. For more general facilities concerns, contact the Senate Facilities Liaison.

Who do I contact if I find myself in an uncomfortable position?

Public Safety! Whether you need someone to walk you back to your room at night or you spot suspicious activity, Public Safety is your number one source. Contact Public Safety by calling (501) 450-7711. For more information, visit the Public Safety webpage.

What is the Student Senate's stance on campus diversity?

Student Senate is a student-led organization charged with participating in the governance of the college community, giving direction and voice to student concerns, and providing a framework for a number of activities and services for students.  Senate is committed to promoting community acceptance and celebration of diversity.  While Senate’s authority over individuals in our community is limited, we seek to work with student leaders to spread a message of respect for others on our campus.  Any concerns brought to Senate regarding discrimination are taken very seriously by our organization.  We encourage and invite constituents to share feelings or suggestions with Senate so that we can ensure students are comfortable within our community. Students have several avenues for sharing feedback with Senate on such issues including our anonymous online suggestion box (, Senators, Multicultural Development Committee representatives, and the Executive Committee ( Additionally, other resources such as the Multicultural and International Student Services (MISS) Office, Student Activities Office, Student Affairs Office, and Diversity Concerns Committee are also resources available for students.

Senate is a venue for sharing concerns, and we pledge to help facilitate discussion and educate our peers on them.  We stand up as a leader against discrimination of any sort against any individual, and we encourage students to act with respect in their personal decisions.

As a community, we must recognize that this is a discussion not for one organization but for the entire student body.