Student Senate

Who Are Your Senators?

Meet your Senate! We've been elected to represent YOU. We would love to get in touch, so feel free to shoot us an email if you have a concern or idea you would like to share.

Executive Committee

Position Name Committee Membership & Departmental Liaisons
President Jordan Borst Executive Committee, Academic Policy Committee, Finance Committee, Student Life Committee
Vice President Ella Thomas Executive Committee, Committee on Committees
Secretary Ben Curry Executive Committee, Communications Committee
Presidential Assistant Maairah Ayub Executive Committee, Working Groups Chair
Treasurer Steve Crenshaw Executive Committee, Finance Committee
Bookkeeper Julia Secor Executive Committee, Finance Committee
Academic Policy Representative Giorgy Sarishvili Executive Committee, Academic Policy Committee

Class Senators

Position Name Committee Membership & Departmental Liaisons
Senior (Class of 2018) Senator Madyson Haskins Financial Committee
Junior (Class of 2019) Senator David Flora Financial Committee
Sophomore (Class of 2020) Senator Jasmine Zandi Financial Committee
Freshman (Class of 2021) Senator To Be Elected

Dorm and Houses Senators

Position Name Committee Membership & Departmental Liaisons
Couch Senator Graham Anderson Committee on Committees
Galloway Senator Leah Crenshaw Financial Committee
Hardin Senator Anthony Bennett Communications Committee
Houses Senator Nina Faidley Communications Committee
Martin Senator Eliot Peterson Financial Committee
Raney Senator Caralee Shepard Communications Committee
Veasey Senator Rachel Stacks Communications Committee

Apartment and Off Campus Senators

Position Name Committee Membership & Departmental Liaisons
Front Street/Hendrix Corner Senator Drew Coker Committee on Committees
Huntington/Clifton Senator Colby Hall Financial Committee
Off Campus Senator Nikki Sanders Communications Committee
Village Senator Reynol Rodriguez Committee on Committees