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To submit an event announcement to Hendrix Today, complete the submission form here (



[NOTE: We do not guarantee that event posters can be completed (designed, proofed, approved, printed, and delivered) with less than 30 days’ notice. If you have a late request, please contact Vicky Piccola in the Marketing Communications office at 501-505-2932 or to discuss. Thank you!]
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Do you have photos of your performers or guests or other artwork that can be used to promote your event? If so, please attach the images to an email reply to the automated email message you receive after submitting this form.


The Office of Marketing Communications sends news releases about Hendrix events that are open to the public to local, regional and state media. The editors of the publications decide what items to use based on their interpretation of what will interest their readers – and on the space they have available for news and announcements. We try to increase the chances that Hendrix items will be published by being aware of publication deadlines and submission requirements and familiar with the audiences each publication, broadcast venue, website, blog or social media outlet is trying to reach.

When you provide our office with accurate, detailed event information in a timely fashion, you also help increase the chances that Hendrix information will be included in off-campus media. The only way to guarantee that our events appear in the media is to purchase advertising space. If your budget includes funds to purchase advertising, we are happy to share information about the venues available to you and to offer our counsel on the most effective presentation of your message and investment of your advertising dollars.

If you have not already done so, please use these links to contact other areas of the campus for help with your event: