Media Relations

What is newsworthy? At Hendrix ... almost everything. Email to share a news item or story idea.

For faculty and staff

Here are some examples of items that the Office of Communications would like to hear about so that we can include them in news releases, the website, social media, college publications, etc.:

  • New academic programs or new approaches to engaged learning, teaching, and research
  • Academic honors of students; professional achievements of faculty and staff (e.g. awards, grants, publications, conference attendance, etc.)
  • Community activities or service of Hendrix alumni, faculty, staff, and students (e.g. mission work, community development, volunteer service, etc.)
  • Engaged learning projects of students and faculty (e.g. international study, internships, research, service, etc.)
  • Public events on campus (e.g. artistic, athletic, cultural, intellectual, literary, etc.)
  • Unique hobbies or pastimes of alumni, students, faculty, and staff

(Communications staff members are available to help faculty and staff manage media requests and prepare for interviews, upon request.)

For the media

The Office of Communications can identify the best source for a story on a case-by-case basis to ensure reporters are able to produce the most accurate story.

To arrange an interview with a Hendrix College faculty or staff member or to arrange a photograph or video on campus, contact Amy Forbus at 501-450-1462 or

*Due to FERPA, we cannot give out student contact information or any of the following items: social security number, citizenship, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, grades, GPA, daily class schedules.