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Brand Guide and Graphic Identity Standards

The Hendrix College Brand Guide was created to provide all Hendrix College employees and associates with the information they need to maintain the College's brand and visual identity through an easy-to-follow set of guidelines.

Consistent use of these standards by everyone involved in the creation of Hendrix communications helps maintain the integrity of the brand and the effectiveness of the graphic identity. This includes external suppliers such as advertising and design agencies and printers, as well as internal Hendrix communications and IT professionals.

The Office of Marketing Communications staff is happy to answer questions related to the system and provide art and production assistance when needed.

For more information, contact Helen Plotkin,Vice President for Marketing Communications, at (501)-505-2932 or

Hendrix College Logos

HENDRIX_COLLEGE_K w-control-01   Black and White:
HENDRIX_COLLEGE_RGB w-control-01   Full Color:
HENDRIX_COLLEGE_W 158 shield w-control   Dark and Orange Backgrounds:
Warriors Logo - Color   Vector: Raster:
Warriors Logo - Wordmark   Vector: Raster: