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Campus Photography

For campus photos

To view photos of the Hendrix College campus, visit

For local photographers

We are proud that our campus is one of the most popular destinations in the Conway area for photography. You are welcome to take family photos (e.g., for engagements and weddings, high school seniors, graduations, and proms, etc.) on campus as long as you don’t disturb faculty or student activities or depict the College in an inappropriate or negative manner. Please remember that Hendrix is a private college, and our campus is private property. For safety and security purposes, a Hendrix College public safety officer may ask you to identify yourself or to move to another location on campus. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Public Safety at 501-450-7711.

For professional advertising or marketing photos

To use the Hendrix campus for professional advertising or marketing photos, please contact the Office of Summer Programs at 501-450-1279.