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  • How do I use my office voice mail?

    Avaya Modular Messaging Welcome to Avaya Messaging! We recommend you follow these instructions the first time you use your voicemail system: A. LOG-IN: 1. Press your Voicemail button or Dial Voicem...

    Last Modified: 6/16/2015
  • How to connect to H-Net using a Mac running OS10

    1. Open System Preferences by double clicking the icon. 2. Double click the network icon in the system preferences menu. 3. Set "Show:" to "Built in Ethernet" and "Configure:" to "Using DHCP". Clos...

    Last Modified: 9/20/2013
  • Connecting my Mobile Phone to my email account

    NOTE you should verify that you have a data plan with your mobile carrier, as overage charges can be steep.   We do not support wireless device connections, but the below information should al...

    Last Modified: 9/28/2009
  • File Sharing Security

    Here is a page by the FTC about file sharing security issues.

    Last Modified: 8/29/2007