Dining Services

Sustainability at Hendrix Dining

Our quality foodservice involves progressive sustainable efforts in purchasing, education, and innovative technology. In collaboration with local farmers and the Hendrix community, we strive to foster a cleaner environment and a community of well-being.

Minimize Waste

Hendrix Dining participates in the recycling program in our city. By doing this, we have been able to trade out the majority of our trash cans for recycling bins, and reduced the amount of waste produced in our kitchen. Additionally, all of our frying oil is collected for recycling, and our cardboard boxes are baled and collected as well, saving them from our trash bins.

Buy Local and Organic

A significant percent of our purchases are considered locally sourced (grown, raised, or processed), including fresh produce, milk, sour cream, yogurt, beef, pastries, bacon, canned vegetables, and poultry. Simple, fresh ingredients comprise our salad bar including organic selections of apples, grapes, spinach, and mixed greens.

Meatless Mondays (and every day!)

The global trend, Meatless Mondays, has both environmental and nutritional benefits. The aim is to simply choose only meatless options throughout the day. Less meat in your diet can help reduce your risk for chronic health conditions, and eating vegetarian also helps to preserve our precious natural resources. Eating a vegetarian (or vegan) diet is easy at Hendrix as there are options available at each station, every day!

Trayless Dining

Voice Your Choice is a Hendrix dining campaign giving the students the power to conserve in the manner they choose. Many decide to save on plates and put their food directly on the tray. Elimination of the tray is not an option in our facility, the opportunity to capture the sparkly, good luck, disco tray is a coveted tradition!