Chemistry Department

Courtney Hatch, Ph.D '00

Hatch, Courtney

Courtney Hatch, Ph.D

Professor of Chemistry

Chair, Natural Sciences Area

She/Her/Hers Charles D. Morgan Center - Reynolds Hall 211 (501) 450-1257 (501) 450-3829

Academic Background

  • B.A., Hendrix College, 2000
  • Ph.D, University of Colorado, 2006

2020-2021 Courses

  • CHEM 110: General Chemistry I: Chemical Structures & Properties
  • CHEM 280: Environmental Analysis
  • CHEM 350: Advanced Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM 450/460: Directed Research
  • CHEM ATC: Advanced Techniques in Experimental Chemistry
  • EVST 497: Senior Seminar
  • HESC 495: Internship: Phys Health and Rehab

Research Interests

  • The Hatch Research Group uses an integrative and multidisciplinary approach to study the effects of natural aerosols on the Earth system.  We aim to better understand how mineral aerosol influences biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, and climate. Currently, we have four ongoing and integrated projects including 1) water adsorption on mineral mixtures, 2) heterogeneous uptake of gaseous mixtures on mineral surfaces, 3) biogeochemical impacts of nutrient dissolution from mineral aerosol during atmospheric aging, and 4) phytoplankton biomarker studies.


  • American Chemical Society
  • American Geophysical Union
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Council on Undergraduate Research
  • Arkansas Academy of Science
  • American Institute of Chemists


  • Museum of Discovery Spark! Star
  • Outstanding Paper Award - American Geophysical Union
  • General Chemistry Teaching Excellence Award - University of Colorado
  • American Institute of Chemists Award - Hendrix College
  • Robert W. Shideler Award - Hendrix College


  • Hatch, C. D., Tumminello, P. R., Cassingham, M. A., Greenaway, A. L., Rebecca Meredith and Christie, M. J .: Technical note: Experimental water adsorption measurements on mineral surfaces:  Toward closure between CCN activity and water adsorption, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19, 13581-13589, 2019,
  • Tumminello, P. R., Meredith, R., Cassingham, M. A ., and Hatch, C. D.: Water adsorption on goethite: Experimental FTIR measurements and theoretical assessment of adsorption and CCN activation, Arkansas Aerospace Proceedings, 2018.
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