Catalog 2023-2024

Vision for Student Learning Goals

With the guidance of the college community and the curriculum requirements, our students benefit from the breadth and depth of a liberal arts and sciences education. They engage in rigorous inquiry and informed deliberation by:

  • investigating and researching underlying causes and connections
  • synthesizing evidence from multiple sources
  • designing ways to answer their questions
  • acquiring the skills to evaluate arguments and evidence critically
  • developing independent, nuanced, and thoughtful analyses
  • making connections among different bodies of knowledge
  • communicating their findings effectively and persuasively through written, oral, experiential, visual, or other appropriate methods
  • reflecting on their studies and being prepared to engage with the world based on their inquiry and deliberation

Hendrix College students actively and reflectively engage with multiple communities by:

  • understanding the past, present, and future needs of the earth and of humanity, and of the challenges of our interdependence
  • considering ethical conundrums from conflicting perspectives
  • bringing their experiences in the wider community back to the classroom to enhance their course of study

The Hendrix College community supports these goals by:

  • fostering an awareness of different cultures through a commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • providing opportunities for students to confront the diverse challenges and needs of our shared communities in order to inspire them to lead lives of service

The college community provides opportunities for students to develop as whole persons in their personal and professional lives by:

  • guiding students in examining their abilities and strengths
  • helping them recognize how their skills can work for them and for the good of others, both now and in the future
  • providing tools and opportunities to prepare our students for their prospective professional lives
  • striving to inspire students to lead lives of accomplishment as both leaders and team members
  • encouraging their development into individuals who are independent, responsible, and attentive to their own mental and physical well-being
  • nurturing their life-long love of learning, both about themselves and about the world as curious, creative, and active participants in life and in their communities.  

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