Catalog 2023-2024

D.5.f. Medical Leave

What is a medical leave?  Students experiencing health problems may request a medical leave from the College to give them time to recuperate.  Students granted a medical leave are required to leave campus and are not permitted on-campus during the leave for any reason other than official Hendrix business.  Under certain circumstances, the College may require a student to take a medical leave. Such action is warranted if, in the judgment of the Provost and the Dean of Students, the student poses a threat to the safety of others or has behavior that seriously interferes with the student's ability to function and/or with the educational pursuits of others. 

How do I apply for a medical leave?  

  • Schedule a meeting with the Director or Assistant Director of Academic Success to review the process for seeking a medical leave.
  • Obtain a statement from an appropriate professional indicating a leave is recommended for medical reasons and have it sent to the Director of Academic Success. Hendrix reserves the right to have a student examined by a physician selected by Hendrix. Students should note that preparation of this statement will require their formal consent to the release of relevant information from appropriate professionals to the College and from the College to those professionals.
  • Complete the Medical Leave form, secure the signatures, and submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. The Medical Leave completion process can be assisted by appropriate college personnel when conditions deem such assistance is in the students' best interest. 
  • The deadline to submit completed documentation is the last day of class in the semester. 

How is a medical leave approved?  Applications for medical leave will be considered by a committee convened by the Provost after the Registrar has a completed form and the medical professional statement has been received.  The Director of Academic Success  notifies the student by e-mail when the medical leave is approved.  The student's security deposit will be applied to the student’s account or refunded if medical leave is approved.

What happens to my grades during a medical leave?

  • If the last day to drop a course with no grade has passed, grades of W will be entered for all currently enrolled classes, even if the final deadline to withdraw from classes has passed. 
  • Students who have NR and/or grades on the transcript on the date the leave is approved will retain those existing NR and/or I grades.  Upon return to Hendrix the student will have one semester to resolve how these grades, as well as any in progress capstone project grades, will be resolved using a new timeline. 

How do I come back to Hendrix?

  • A student taking a medical leave after the last day to drop a class with a W in a given semester cannot return to Hendrix in the fall or spring semester immediately following the semester for which the medical leave of absence is granted.  Exceptions to this policy must be approved by a committee appointed by  the Provost.
  • A student who wishes to return to campus following a medical leave must furnish a professional’s statement that the student has received appropriate medical attention and is, in the professional’s expert opinion, ready to resume studies at Hendrix. These materials must be received by the Director of Academic Success by July 1 for the fall semester or December 1 for the spring semester. Re-enrollment approval may require adherence to certain conditions and commitment to meetings with appropriate college professionals upon return to campus.
  • After two semesters away from campus, the student will be withdrawn from the college and will be required to reapply through the Office of Admissions.

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