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Hendrix College encourages and requires experiential, hands-on learning as a part of every student’s education. The Hendrix Internship Program gives students the valuable opportunity to acquire direct, practical work experience paired with intentional, academic learning components. This combination provides a rich setting for academic, personal, and career-oriented growth and reflection, and we encourage all student interns to create a positive and meaningful experience with their internship site.

Check out where our Hendrix Students have interned recently...

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Internship FAQs

What is an internship?

Internships can come in all shapes and sizes. But, all should provide you with the opportunity to acquire direct, practical work experience under the guidance of an on-site supervisor. The experience should help you develop Hendrix Competencies and should contribute to your vocational discernment. In order to qualify as an "official" internship with the College, the internship must be off-campus* and involve at least 120 hours of work over a period of at least eight weeks (there must be eight weeks in which work occurs).

To find out if your experience qualifies for the Program, make an appointment with Career Services.

*Remote internships may (and often do) qualify.

What is the official Internship Program?

The office Internship Program has three main parts:

  1. A qualifying Internship (which involves at least 120 hours of work over at least eight weeks)
  2. Work with a Hendrix Faculty/Staff Supervisor who will provide the academic framework for the internship experience
  3. Completion of the Career Services Professional Development Seminar

To find out if your experience qualifies for the Program, make an appointment with Career Services.

 For a brief overview of the program, check out our "Internship Program at a Glance" document.

Have you already been selected for an internship? Congratulations! You can begin registering your internship by logging into your HireHendrix account and clicking on "Experiential Learning" (located on the left side of the screen beneath the announcement banner).

Note: Professionally related experiences that do not meet these criteria may still qualify as “professional field experiences” appropriate for Odyssey credit in the Professional and Leadership Development category (See Odyssey Program Guide.) Students may complete internships during the fall and spring semesters, as well as during summer break.

Who can participate in an internship?

To participate in the Hendrix Internship Program, students must be at least sophomore level and in good academic standing with the College. 

When can I do an internship?

Internships can take place during the summer, fall semester, or spring semester. Career Services and your Academic Advisor can help you think through how an internship (or multiple internships) can work with your schedule. You can participate in your first internship experience as early as the summer after your freshman year.

How do I find an internship?

  • Check out the Career Planning Tab for your major(s) in the Course Catalog. You can also see a database of recent internships to explore HERE
  • Schedule an appointment  with Career Services. Our friendly staff can help you talk through your interests and how those might translate into internships in different career paths, geographic areas, or industries and organizations. We can brainstorm ideas based on previous internships sites, or help you recognize and use your own network to gain opportunities.
  • HireHendrix is Career Services' internal job and internship posting system, which gives you access to a wide variety of local and nationwide internship opportunities. In addition to internships, postings include post-graduate jobs, post-graduate fellowships, part-time jobs, summer opportunities, and volunteer opportunities that we receive from families and friends of Hendrix, alumni, and other employers who have a strong interest in hiring Hendrix students.
  • Use an online internship search tool like one from Gorick Ng, STEM Healthcare Summer Research Opportunities Guide, or the Federal Internship Finder.
  • Check out the Internships Bulletin Board. Located outside of SLTC 226, our bulletin board features information and deadlines for a wide range of internship opportunities located across the country.
  • Find and research the websites of professional organizations tied to the career field(s) in which you are interested in working. Most have pages dedicated to students, which often list available internships as well as resources for graduate school and employment opportunities.
  • Network! Talk to your friends, family, Hendrix faculty, and staff members, past employers, alumni, and people you know in the field. You never know from where the next lead will come. The more people who know you are looking for an internship, the better chance you’ll have of making a connection. Join a site like LinkedIn and connect with the Hendrix College Alumni Association group and other organizations. There are more ways than ever to connect with people in your career field of interest; use your technology to your advantage!
  • Follow Career Services on Instagram! We often highlight new or interesting internship opportunities we find out about. 

What kind of credit can I receive for completing an internship?

Internships may receive the following credit: 

  • Odyssey Credit (internships are preapproved for Odyssey PL credit; students who wish to receive credit in a different Odyssey category must submit a proposal to the Odyssey Office)
  • Academic Course Credit AND Odyssey PL (no letter grade assigned, counts for graduation, and included in student's schedule
  • Completion of a major or minor internship requirement
  • A Career Services staff member can discuss these options with you in more detail.

    What is the deadline for registering an internship?

    Online forms* (WITH APPROVALS) must be received by the following deadlines**:

    • Fall Semester Internships: the second Friday of classes 
    • Spring Semester Internships: the second Friday of classes
    • Summer Internships: the Friday of Spring Semester finals week

    *Have you already been selected for an internship? Congratulations! You can begin registering your internship by logging into your HireHendrix account and clicking on "Experiential Learning" (located on the left side of the screen beneath the announcement banner).

     **Some flexibility in these deadlines may be possible. Contact the internship coordinator

    to discuss possible alternatives if you are unable to meet the deadlines described above.

    Are Hendrix students required to complete an internship?

    It depends. Students majoring in Health Science or Environmental Science, as well as Social Justice minors, have a graduation requirement involving an internship. Check with your Academic Advisor and Program Chair for details.

    Will I get paid for doing an internship?

    Not all internships are paid, but there are funding opportunities through the College. The Odyssey Program, the Miller Center, and the Murphy Program all have funding opportunities. Check their websites for information on requirements and application procedures.
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