Seniors 2015

Seniors 2015

With aspirations as diverse as working alongside city municipal conservation programs to researching apex predators and top-down conservation, this year's group of seniors truly embodies what it means to major in an interdisciplinary field like Environmental Studies.  

Abby Anderson

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EVST Concentration: Chemistry                                                                           Hometown: Arlington, TX                                                                                            About: While at Hendrix Abby participated in an Ecosystem Field Studies program at the Cal-Wood Education Center near Boulder, CO.  She helped to facilitate a 3-week ecological research course and explored the instruction and natural resource management positions at the Education Center. Presently, Abby is looking to either further her time at Cal-Wood or teach skiing/snowboarding lessons!                                                                               Thesis Title: American Beauty: Are Cosmetic Ingredients Sufficiently Regulated in the United States?

Chris Bell

rsz_1chris_bell  EVST Concentration: Socio-cultural                                              Hometown: Greenbrier, AR                                                                    About: Chris's love for the outdoors and interest in efficiency lead him to major in Environmental Studies.  He hopes to take this passion and his acquired skills from Hendrix to work on conservation projects or possibly move on to a graduate program.                                                            Thesis Title: Looking to the Future: Accessibility and the Rise of the Green Building Movement in the United States

Charli Davis


  EVST Concentration: Biology                                                                Second Major or Minor: Biology (Double Major)                            Hometown: McCrory, AR                                                                    About: Charli has a deep passion for large apex predators, specifically big cats.  It was this interest which lead her to study as a field researcher with the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust while at Hendrix and also motivates her to apply for a graduate school program at Stanford University in the upcoming academic year.                                                                                              Thesis Title: The Importance of Imaginative Translation of Science in Conservation Biology

Elisa Rivera


EVST Concentration: Socio-cultural                                               Hometown: Dallas, TX                                                                           About: Elisa's current career goal involves working on environmental issues alongside city governments in an urban setting.  This idea of urban conservation ties together Elisa's drive to work with people and the environment in an effort to create a sustainable future.  While at Hendrix Elisa prepared for this leadership-style conservation position by leading the Environmental Concerns Committee and facilitating Hendrix-sponsored conservation projects and events.                                                                                                      Thesis Title: Entomophagy for You and Me: The Future of Eating Insects in the United States

Graham Burke


  EVST Concentration: Biology                                                                  Second Major or Minor: Religious Studies Minor                              Hometown: Glendale, AZ                                                                      About: Graham's activities while at Hendrix include volunteering at the Mammoth Spring National Fish Hatchery and co-leading the Tolkien Discussion Group on campus. He is considering moving on to a graduate studies program after taking a short break from education upon his graduation from Hendrix.                                                                                              Thesis Title: The Potential Causes of Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bee (Apis melifera) Populations

Madison Pitts


 EVST Concentration: Socio-cultural                                                     Second Major or Minor: Politics Minor                                           Hometown: Mayflower, AR                                                                   About: Madison is very involved in the political side of environmental studies, working as an intern on behalf of United State Senator Pryer and attending environmental policy meetings on his behalf.  Madison also actively participates in the Hendrix Student Congress and in the Hendrix TEDx Club as a speaker.  She hopes to move on to law school after Hendrix and attend the Bower School of Law in order to pursue a career in environmental law.                                                             Thesis Title: The Constitutionality of Environmental Law and Keystone

Mandi Taylor


  EVST Concentration: Biology                                                        Hometown: Russellville, AR                                                                About: Mandi is interested in animal care and maintenance, which urged her to work at an internship at the Lake Dardanelle State Park while at Hendrix, and leads her to pursue a career with zoos or aquariums after she graduates.                                                                                             Thesis Title: The Evolution of Zoos: Their Role in Conservation and Education

Nathan Crockett


 EVST Concentration: Socio-cultural                                                  Hometown: Knoxville, TN                                                                     About: Nathan is an active member in the Hendrix Garden and Outdoor Clubs and also spent a semester abroad, at the Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands, researching the ecological sanitation of human and food waste.  After Hendrix he plans to pursue a Master of Science degree in Germany focusing on Sustainability and Ecological Waste Management.           Thesis Title: Transitioning to Ecological Sanitation: Bioprocessing the Human Waste Stream

Susie Burton


EVST Concentration: Socio-cultural                                                     Second Major or Minor: Spanish (Double Major)                                       Hometown: St. Louis, MO                                                                     About: Susie has spent her time at Hendrix developing her skills in sustainable-agriculture as well as her Spanish language abilities.  She organized a summer Odyssey Project entitled "Organic Farming in Costa Rica: A Linguistic and Cultural Immersion", interned at Rattle's Garden in Vilonia, AR, and also participated in the Hendrix-in-Madrid program.  In the future Susie plans to operate her own small-scale sustainable agriculture business and possibly move on to a graduate program focusing on topics such as Spanish literature or conservation biology.         Thesis Title: Evaluating U.S. Agriculture Subsidies: A Policy Proposal

Trey Signorelli


  EVST Concentration: Socio-cultural                                              Hometown: Keller, TX                                                                          About: As a Service Scholar for Hendrix's Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics, and Calling, Trey has worked to learn how to bring his professional skills to some area in need of service in the world.  Next year he is slated to work for Teach for America, a nonprofit organization that places high-achieving college graduates in low-income communities to help teach and, hopefully, eliminate poverty and inequality in those areas.                                                             Thesis Title:Music Festival: Models for Sustainability in Action

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