Environmental Studies Program

Seniors 2013

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"Environmental Studies is inherently multidisciplinary. Talking about the environment means I can be talking about anything; everything is related. I’ve always had a strong connection to the environment and I really feel like it’s an area in which I can make an impact. " -Jessica Sturges

Connor Corley           
Connor Corley
EVST Concentration:   Socio-cultural
Hometown:                   Lake Zurich, IL
After Graduation:          Pursue jobs and careers in outdoor
Long-range Goal:          Teacher for National Outdoor Leadership
                                      Schools (NOLS)

Emily Deitchler
Emily Deitchler
EVST Concentration:   Socio-cultural Environmental Studies
Hometown:                   Eureka Springs, AR
After Graduation:         Traveling and pursuing various jobs related
                                     to conservation and sustainable development
Long-range Goal:         Work in natural resource and wildlife habitat conservation

Abby DeLoach
Abby DeLoach
EVST Concentration:     Biology
Hometown:                     North Little Rock, AR
After Graduation:           Not definitive
Long-range Goal:           Urban Planning/Design

Molly Elders
Molly Elders
EVST Concentration:     Socio-cultural
Hometown:                    Mountain Home, AR
After Graduation:           Gap year of work, possibly with Arkansas Game and Fish
Long-range Goal:          "Career goal is to be happy with my work. For me, that means my work
                                       needs to resonate well with my personal life and the health of the

Haiyan Huang
Haiyan Huang
EVST Concentration:    Biology
Hometown:                   Nanjing, China
After Graduation:          Potentially graduate school
Long-range Goal:          Environmental Engineer

Katie Kilpatrick
Katie Kilpatrick
EVST Concentration:    Biology
Hometown:                   Fort Smith, AR
After Graduation:          Travel and farm through WWOOF; graduate school
Long-range Goal:          Work in the field of Conservation Biology

Rebecca Rahn
Rebecca Rahn
EVST Concentration:    Biology
Hometown:                   North Little Rock, AR
After Graduation:          Apply for internships
Long-range Goal:         Potentially work in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Leslie Reynolds
Leslie Reynolds
EVST Concentration:    Socio-cultural
Hometown:                    Austin, TX
After Graduation:          Gap year to gain work experience
Long-range Goal:          Environmental lawyer

Gillian Rossi
Gillian Rossi
EVST Concentration:    Restoration/Sociology
Hometown:                    Marietta, OH
After Graduation:           Peace Corps
Long-range Goal:          Peace Corps; Job focused on environmental protection or restoration

Jessica Sturgis
Jessica Sturges
EVST Concentration:  Biology
Hometown:                 Gravette, AR
After Graduation:        Get a job and take a gap year

Robert Tung
Robert Tung
EVST Concentration:   Biology
Hometown:                  St. Louis, MO
After Graduation:         Get a job
Long-range Goal:        A job in which my talents are matched with my environmental mindset