Environmental Studies Program

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program is designed to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to studying the environment. As such, it both complements and embodies the liberal arts aim of combining strengths of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to prepare students to be well-equipped citizens in an increasingly globalized world. Core requirements for Environmental Studies majors are designed to fit requirements for graduate programs in Environmental Studies or related fields while the electives allow students to specialize in their particular interests.

The learning goals of the Environmental Studies program are 

  • To understand the structure and dynamics of the natural world
  • To understand ways in which human beings are a part of and interact with the natural world
  • To understand world views and values that guide humans as they interact with the natural world
  • To explore forms of sustainable community life
  • To understand methods of data collection, synthesis, interpretation and analysis acquired from natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities

To learn more about the methodology behind assessing the Environmental Studies Program, please read the Environmental Studies Program Assessment Plan.

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