Environmental Studies Program

Star of the Month

Broek, Florence

Florence van den Broek

         Florence Broek is an EVST major from Lexington, MA. She loves being outdoors and working with plants and animals. The Environmental Studies major with a Biology concentration enables Broek to fulfill her interests while taking care of the environment and its habitats. 

         Broek has worked at the Water Testing and Hygiene Quality Control lab in Saint Johann, Austria to test drinking and pool water for microbial contamination and chemical make up. She hopes to go to graduate school for Environmental Biology to eventually go into the field of Phytoremediation research.

Boone, M

Madison Boone

         Madison Boone is a senior from Tulsa, OK. She is majoring in EVST with a Biology concentration along with a Biology double major. Boone has always been interested in the environment and doing responsible things. She first became interested in EVST by attending the Majors fair and by taking American Environmental History. 

         In the past, she has volunteered with Conway Locally Grown and helped with the community garden project. She loves to work outside and help around in the community. Boone hopes to get a position at a Heifer ranch or AmeriCorps. She wants to get a Masters in Agroecology and would like to have a career where she can combine research and community.