Student Senate

Minutes 3.6.07



Tuesday March 6, 2007

6:30 p.m. Mills Library


I. Call to Order 

II. Special Business

     o       Approval of Cabinet Members:

          ·         Will Green nominated Franklin Poff for Secretary – APPROVED

          ·         Will Green nominated Bradley Fogleman for Presidential Assistant – APPROVED

          ·         Will Green nominated Samantha Bode for Treasurer - APPROVED

     o       Glass Recycling with Chad Sardashti

          ·         Issues with recycling glass:  problems consist of it being unsanitary and easily broken, a hassle for cleaning ladies, etc.  Sara Williams is and has been involved in the collecting and recycling of glass bottles personally and trying to keep problems to a minimum.  She drives to Maumelle to deposit the collected glass for it to be recycled.  Anyone interested in recycling can also make the trip or can drop by his or her collected glass to the Eco House (on Fridays, I believe).  Also, it would be really helpful for other people to volunteer to drive to Maumelle and take the glass recyclables.  Please help if you’re interested; money used for gas will be reimbursed!           

III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

o       Lovemore Gororo announced that there would be no more pizza in cafeterias?  “Who said Senate doesn’t get stuff done?!”  BOOYAH!

o       Lee Ann Grogan pointed out that ex-President Russ Montgomery never received a gavel.  We’re going to get him one!

o       Shlok asked, “How does one appeal parking tickets?”  Will Green said talking to Rick Sublett would do the trick.

IV. Departmental Liaison Reports 

V. Committee Reports 

  • Multicultural Development Committee with James Tyus
    • The week we return from Spring Break is International Week.
      • Monday – Dress to Express, Table Fair in the Burrow from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
      • Tuesday – International Game Night (refreshments provided) 5:30-7:30 in the Burrow
      • Wednesday – International Dinner at the Spanish House at 6:00 p.m.
      • Thursday – Move Night in the Burrow at 9:00… They’re working on getting the movie rights for The World According to Sesame Street.
  • Social Committee with Valerie Kimbrough
    • Valerie was dressed like Sam Jackson tonight.
    • Super Relaxation Day is TOMORROW (March 7, 2007)
      • Enjoy masseuses in the Burrow and an Aqua Massage outside the Burrow.
    • Wednesday, March 21st (week when we get back from Spring Break – Porter Davis is performing, followed by Raining Jane.  In the words of Sam:  “Sweet action.”
  • Media Committee with Mandy Munoz
  • Council on Residence Life with Harper Zielonko
    • Measures are being taken to have Constitutions for all Hall Councils to define exactly what their duties/responsibilities are.  This is being done in response to the numerous RA complaints and misunderstanding between students/hall councils and ResLife.
  • Campus Kitty Committee with Harper Zielonko
    • March 23-March 31 – Campus Kitty!  More to come.  Bring lots of money… Lots and lots of money.  It’s for charity too!
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Allison Hammons
    • Who Killed the Electric Car – movie Thursday night in the Burrow at 7:30
    • April 22nd is Earth Day!  It began when someone accidentally dropped the b when they wished they’re friend “Happy Birthday!”  (I made that last part up… but wouldn’t that have been sweet?!)
  • Academic Policy with Katie Pearce
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with BJ Fogleman and Katie Pearce
    • This Committee is composing another Committee to review the Senate Constitution and make amendments because it really hasn’t been touched in over three years.
      • Review Committee includes Tim Pote, Ryan Hughes, Mary Kate Crumpler, and Andrew V-o/g-l*e\r (Plus BJ and Katie)
      • Yes – V-o/g-l*e\r is a senior but this project should not take longer than the end of the semester.
  • Finance Committee with Sam Bode

o       Discretionary Proposals – to be addressed next week because the Finance Committee had not been created.

  • Communications Committee with Lin Poff
  • Committee on Committees with Shlok Vaidya
    • Filing for vacant positions will be opening.  More information to come in future emails.
  • Executive Committee with Will Green
    • New Hendrix College Warrior “Mascot” ideas are being drafted and will be presented again soon.
    • Grove Gym will not be taken down until after we return next year after summer break.  Yeah – WAY later than previously planned… But these things happen. 

VI. Unfinished Business

o       Tabled SBC Discretionary Request – Students for Black Culture is hosting a Hip Hop performance in April and requested $750 for costumes, props, and co-sponsoring.  The request was tabled last week because information about available props and/or costumes from SoCo or Campus Kitty was presented.  No luck from looking around this week.  Senate APPROVED the request. 

VII. New Business

o       Changes to the Senate Bylaws

o       Executive Members’ Salaries (President, Vice President, Presidential Aid, Treasurer, Secretary) shall be changed to $1200.  APPROVED

o       ECC Chair will receive a salary of $1000.  TABLED

§         Allison Hammons proposed having two co-chairs for ECC and giving each one a salary of $500.

·         Question from Amy Robinson:  “Will there always be someone willing to fulfill the [co-chair] position?”

·         Tim Pote:  “Shouldn’t you talk about this with your… counterpart… *mutters* or whatever?”

·         Tim Pote looked a little lost and kept fumbling over things… but I’m glad he’s talking in Senate.  It’s a nice change.

·         Allison said that it had always worked pretty well with having two chairs… Tim Pote still looked lost, but he still felt good about arguing.

·         Russ noted that if you have a proposed change in the Bylaws, one must change an ECC document because it would conflict otherwise.  Will didn’t know this existed; Russ and Allison are going to get it to them.

o       Roundtable – a pool of students for Class Senators to discuss ideas and Senate actions.  APPROVED

§         An amendment to the proposed wording in the Bylaws was made by Mary Kate Crumpler:  strike the words “or college committees” so that now the sentence reads “Each roundtable shall consist of ten students not currently serving on Senate, and must be approved by a majority vote of the Senate.”

·         Tim Pote asked how long each individual roundtable would exist.  Answer:  as long as the Class Senator is in office.

·         The roundtable is a form of communication and input from a diverse, responsive group of students.

·         Points of concern voiced:  Isn’t it the job of a Senator to talk to all constituents and get/use their responses?  Answer:  Yes, that is a Senator’s duty, but they aren’t guaranteed a response.  Thus, the roundtable will be a good source of information, responses, and bouncing ideas off of the students.

·         By making the members of the roundtable approved by Senate, we can ensure that Senator’s are not just choosing their friends.

·         Chad Sardashti makes the good point:  “What if you’re friends with everyone?”

o       Newly appointed and approved Election Commissioner:  Amanda Brooks

o       Lije Cunningham’s Report – the news of the night.  (It’s a lot of information)

o       Lije Cunningham approached Senate tonight to speak in defense of Andrew V-o/g-l*e\r, who received two charges – (1) Failure to Comply and (2) Disruptive and Disorderly Conduct – and J-Board found him guilty.

o       Andrew V-o/g-l*e\r may appeal within five days and have a second hearing.

o       As of right now, V-o/g-l*e\r is required to move out of Martin by March 7th, and he will be indefinitely banned from being around or in Martin until MAY 12th.

o       Lije collected statements from six eye witnesses of the events that took place on the night that Andrew V-o/g-l*e\r had a communication report filled out about him.  Of the six eye witness reports, it seems V-o/g-l*e\r was tried by J-Board unfairly, as J-Board based all its evidence off of the written RA account (which is “super vague” according to Lije; also, RA reports can have inflected tones that greatly affect the impression of the reader – important because RAs are not the ones who determine charges, but someone higher up in the administration reads each case and charges based on the report).

o       Keep in mind, Lije is not suggesting RAs are bad; perhaps, though, they are looking to get someone in trouble.  It is well-known that abuse in powerful rolls is not uncommon, and people with past problems could easily be “out to get someone” and come down on that person harder than is necessary.

o       More from Lije:  Lije:  “I think there’s a very compelling argument for ways to get Andrew V-o/g-l*e\r kicked off campus.”  Last year, he was the Martin man of the year and he thinks the administration is really just out to get him and kick him outta power.  They’re trying to bring the man down.

o       Chris Foster (RA) notes that this is a great chance to fix problems within the system that have really been screwing up within the last few months and years.  There have been several wrongs through J-Board (especially this year) and this could only add support to such a cause.

o       *Note:  Andrew did plead guilty to the Failure to Comply charge, but that was because he felt it was unreasonable to do what he was asked to do (turn another person’s music down because an RA told him to do so).*

o       Becky – former J-Board member who thinks something should be done about the process by which J-Board receives some of its trials and cases.  Something must be done to let Senate know how Jboard works… In her experience, the way administration gives charges is insane and ridiculous.  Administration gives the charge and they definitely aren’t there to witness the events that lead up to a “charge.”  “Dean Bailey and ALL of the administration have had it out for [V-o/g-l*e\r].”  We’ve had our fair share of breakin rules, and Andrew is the one taking it all the time.  “[SENATE] needs to look at what is going on!”  *Note:  she got applause!!!!!!!  It was TIGHT!*

o       What can Senate do?  Review conversation:

§         Tim Pote – “What can Senate do for V-o/g-l*e\r right now?”

§         Will Green – “We can’t really do anything other than represent displeasure with the J-Board decision.”

§         Tim – “Organize a protest?”

§         Lije’s comments:  email people, talk to them, tell them the problems.  GET NOISY!  “Write on president Cloyd’s blog!”  *laughter*

o       People to email to show displeasure include Dr. Janice Hardin, Dean Bailey, Rod Miller, Tim Cloyd, and Dr. Liz Gron.

o       Will Green has a meeting with Dean Bailey and Dr. Hardin tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. in Buhler.  Anyone interested should go sit outside and show support for Andrew V-o/g-l*e\r.

o       Jesse McCane was going to comment… What he ended up saying was this:  “Oh, I was told to put my hand down.”

o       *Note:  from all of this conversation, an important committee was constructed.  If you or any of your constituents are interested in being involved in a committee that will look into the changes that need to take place in the Administration, in ResLife, or in J-Board, send an email to BJ Fogleman (; he’ll hopefully get back to everyone interested after Spring Break.

o       TELL EVERYONE:  WEDNESDAY, 3:00 p.m. outside Buhler! 

VIII. Adjournment until March 20, 2007 

Clean up:  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior